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Pop and Music Television 1960 - 1964
Pop and Music Television 1960 - 1964

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A small selection of some of the music-related television shows transmitted from 1960 to 1964

ABC 1959 - 1960

BMG was the successor to 'Oh Boy!' and, like the fifties' show, was again produced and presented by Jack Good, now with occasional assistance from Marty Wilde, introducing acts like Terry Dene, Freddy Cannon, Joe Brown, Adam Faith and, of course, Cliff. It was directed by Rita Gillespie. This was succeeded by 'Wham!'

BBC1 June 1959 - December 1967

Please see separate 'Juke Box Jury' feature page

ABC 1960

A Jack Good show which brought Keith Fordyce to the fore as a television pop presenter. As in the previous two series, the Vernons Girls were resident dancers and the acts on show included the likes of Jess Conrad, Dickie Pride, Billy Fury and the brilliant Johnny Kidd and the Pirates. The first show on 23rd April 1960 featured Billy Fury, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers, Jess Conrad, Dickie Pride, Little Tony, Vince Taylor and Johnny Kidd and The Pirates.

ATV 1955 - 1965

A highly popular variety show which ran for 12 seasons from 25th September 1955, hosted at various times by Don Arrol, Bruce Forsyth and Norman (Swinging! Dodgy!) Vaughan. Many mainline pop acts were featured including Frankie Vaughan, Dora Bryan, Russ Conway, Adam Faith, Helen Shapiro, The Bachelors, The Supremes and Frank Ifield. The Beatles appeared on 13th October 1963 and The Rolling Stones on 22nd January 1967, causing a furore by refusing to ride the 'turntable' at the end of the show.

ATV 1960

Jack Parnell became head of music for ATV in 1956, a post he would hold for the next twenty years. He fronted several shows himself including this 1960 series which featured many of the popular musicians of that time. Pictured left, Jack presents singer Emile Ford with a gold disc on the show.

ATV 1960 - 1963

Cliff's first solo TV series, produced by Albert Locke, saw him moving away from his moody rock'n'roll image towards that of general entertainer. Jack Parnell's orchestra provided the musical support with choreography by the George Carden dancers.

ATV 1960 - 1963

A variety series which included stars such as Alma Cogan, Russ Conway, The Clyde Valley Stompers, Helen Shapiro, Ronnie Hilton, The King Brothers and Jackie Trent.

Full Image

Tyne Tees 1960

This programme was first broadcast on Wednesday 4th May 1960 and was one of Tyne Tees first attempts at targeting a teenage audience. Screened at 6:30p.m. it was hosted by Jimmy Saville and Valerie Masters, running for a grand total of eight weeks. Although the programme was transmitted in black and white, Jimmy (for reasons best known to himself) chose to present the show each week with his hair dyed a different colour each time - pure Sixties showmanship!

Steamboat Shuffle
ABC August 1960
A jazz series made at ABC's Teddington studios on a specially-constructed riverboat named Cottontail, starred Kenny Baker and The Swamplanders as the resident group with vocalist Peter Elliott. Directed by Ben Churchill, the series started on Saturday August 6th 1960.

ATV 18th November 1961

The 'girls' included Mandy Rice-Davies and Wendy Richard who made her first television appearance on the show.
No other information at present
Kenny Ball Jazzmen - not from show

ATV 1961

This was a series of shows organised by Val Parnell featuring a selection of artists including Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Nina and Frederick, Adele Leigh and Janie Marden.

ATV 1961

Producer: Jo Douglas
A series featuring Alma Cogan, 'the girl with a laugh in her voice', with musical backing by the Alyn Ainsworth orchestra. Alma appeared prolifically on television in the late fifties and early sixties, sadly dying of cancer at the age of 34 on 26th October 1966.

Associated Rediffusion 1961 - 1963

Childrens entertainment show transmitted on Tuesdays and Fridays, presented by Howard Williams, guitarist Bert Weedon and the beautiful almond-eyed Muriel Young ably assisted by glove puppets Pussy Cat Willum and Fred Barker. The shows had many segments in a 'Blue Peter' style and also included a pop spot featuring many chart-topping groups - not bad for an 'under 12' show.

The programme had evolved from SMALL TIME in 1955 and LUCKY DIP in 1958 which had a similar line-up and was to become THE FIVE O'CLOCK CLUB in 1963 by which time another puppet character, a Liverpudlian owl called Ollie Beak, had joined the show along with ex-Viper Wally Whyton. From 1965 the show was known as OLLIE AND FRED'S FIVE O'CLOCK CLUB

ATV 1961

Producer: Colin Clews
Pianist and composer Russ had a string of piano hits in the late fifties and early sixties. He also performed regularly on The Billy Cotton Band Show. This was his first series for ITV.

ATV 1961

This series for the popular fifties and early sixties singer was produced by Colin Clews. Dickie was supported by the Jack Parnell Dance Band and the Malcolm Goddard dancers.

Associated Rediffusion 21st June 1961

Director: Grahame Turner
Adam's first prime time special with guests Adele Leigh, Richard Wattis and Dick Charlesworth and his City Gents. Special guest star was Tony Bennett and musical backing was by the Tony Osborne orchestra.

Associated Rediffusion 1961

Producer: Alan Morris
This was a series of music shows set outdoors, with The Johnny Dankworth Orchestra joined by guests such as Cleo Laine, Dennis Lotis, Lynn Cornell, Craig Douglas, Matt Monro and Dudley Moore.

Frankie Vaughan - not from show

BBC1 January 1961

Cabaret-style variety music show starring Frankie Vaughan

ABC April 1961 - 1966

Please see separate TYLS feature page

ATV 1961, 1964, 1967

Producer: Dinah Thetford
A series of half-hour shows made for an all-age audience featuring Cliff Richard supported by the Shadows, Jack Parnell's orchestra and the Vernons Girls dancers. Guests included Petula Clark, Marty Wilde, Dickie Valentine and Alma Cogan. The series was produced again in 1964 by Jon Scoffield and in 1967 by Dicky Leeman.

Granada 17th January 1962

Broadcast between 8.00pm and 9.00pm. Introduced by Gary Marshal and directed by Philip Casson, it starred the great Ronnie Scott with Ottilie Patterson, Chris Barber's Jazzband, Terry Lightfoot and his New Orleans Jazzmen with Chubby Checker.

ATV 1961 - 1964

Four series featuring the skiffle superstar Lonnie Donegan. The 1964 season was more of an all-round entertainment show than a music show.

No image availableNo image available

ITV 1962

Canadian CBC series ran from 1959 to 1964 and was presented by ITV in 1962. A series of special shows each showcasing a different singer. The series featured Canadian artists such as the Canadian Opera Company, Maynard Ferguson, Oscar Peterson, the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and the Billy Van Four.

ATV 1962

ATJ was a series of shows that actually had very little to do with Jazz but featured a wide variety of mainstream acts such as Karl Denver and Frank Ifield.

ABC 2nd June 1962

On June 1st, 1962, British television captured Sinatra during a midnight performance at London's Royal Festival Hall. The concert was part of Sinatra's World Tour for Children and his first personal appearance on British television. The taped program was broadcast a day later in an abbreviated form, introduced by David Jacobs.

Associated Rediffusion 9th May 1962

Producer: Daphne Shadwell
Following Twist competitions held in both capital cities, David Frost introduced the 'heat' winners who competed for the grand prize and medals.

Don Lang
BBC1 7th July 1962

A pop programme about the new dance craze with a 'Twist' competition between some of the cast of the TV show 'Compact' and regular 'Juke Box Jury' panel members, featuring Petula Clark, Don Lang and His Twisters, Tony Osborne and His Mellow Men and The Viscounts.
Image from 'The Frost Report'

 Associated Rediffusion 20th June 1962

Director: Rollo Gamble
David Frost with another special programme on 'The Twist' dance craze, this time from the trendy South of France.
See Sixties City 'Dance Crazes' page

 Associated Rediffusion 1st August 1962

Producer: Geoffrey Hughes
A one-off show which featured Stirling Moss investigating the history of Trad Jazz, with the help of Kenny Ball, The Storeyville Jazzmen and George Melly.

ATV 7th September 1962

Producer: Dicky Leeman
A special featuring the 'King of Twist' Chubby Checker with guest stars The Brook Brothers and Valerie Masters, supported by the Red Price Orchestra.

ATV 1962

Produced by Dicky Leeman, featuring the music of the phenomenally successful instrumental group, with guest Frank Ifield.

TWW 1962

Produced by Chris Mercer and compered by Kent Walton, better known for his wrestling commentaries, this was the successor to an earlier TWW pop show called 'NOW'. The show was networked, but never shown in the London region as its format was considered to be too similar to RSG. Tony Prince performed on the show before joining Radio Caroline as a deejay.

Muddy Rivers (not from show)

Granada 18th December 1963

A 38-minute 'blues' special, featuring Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim, Willie Dixon, Matt Murphy, Sonny Boy Williamson, Lonnie Johnson, Victoria Spivey and Big Joe Williams. A DVD recording of this show was released on the Shout! Factory label on April 26th 2005.

Ulster 1963-1965

A 13 week series,
first transmitted on 25th September 1963, was Roger Whittaker's first television series and the first local programme sold to the ITV network.

Associated Rediffusion August 1963 - December 1966

Please see separate RSG! feature page

Cliff Richard - not from show

ATV 1963

Another of Cliff's many TV series (he was rarely off the television!), this time produced by Neville Wortman under the musical direction of Harry Rabinowitz.

ABC 21st December 1963

A special edition of the 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' programme which featured The Beatles and other Liverpool acts.

Associated Rediffusion 1963 - 1966

Tons of stars but far too few garters - this was an extremely popular traditional pub entertainment series featuring the more middle of the road chart artists among its guests. Hosted by Ray Martine, resident acts were Clinton Ford, Kathy Kirby, Tommy Bruce, Julie Rayne and Vince Hill. The show was re-titled 'The New Stars and Garters' for a few weeks in 1965 when it was introduced by actress Jill Browne assisted by William Rushton.

ATV 1963 - 1973

Now almost a national institution, Des's long run of series were an annual event up to the middle of the seventies, when the show continued under the name of 'Des O'Connor Tonight'. Despite Eric Morecambe's opinion of his singing he had many high-ranking chart hits during and after the Sixties and his television career is one of the longest and most successful of all time. Virtually everybody in the business appeared on his show at some time or other.

Alan Freeman - not from show

Associated Rediffusion 1963

A series directed by Robert Fleming featuring Alan 'Fluff' Freeman talking to, and showing performances from, various female singing stars and groups.

ABC 1963 - 1964

A series of variety shows presented by the comedy duo Mike and Bernie Winters. The shows frequently starred top pop artists as the headline act, who not only performed their hits but also took part in comedy sketches with the hosts.

BBC1 7th December 1963

A live performance televised from the Empire Theatre, Liverpool as the second half of a two-part show, containing 10 of their hits and live 'standards'. The first half of the show featured the Fab Four as the panelists in a special edition of Juke Box Jury.

BBC1 October 9th 1963

A 30-minute documentary, produced by Jim Casy and narrated by Michael Barton, about the Liverpool pop phenomenon which included a Beatles interview and a privately-recorded session on which the audience sounds were later over-dubbed. Also appearing were The Undertakers and Group One. BBC Programme Number: NMR5178D

Associated Rediffusion 1963 - 1965

Each program in this part-music part-documentary series featured a pop star or group who had sold a million or more records, including:

30th October 1963 Alan Freeman talking to Gerry and The Pacemakers
15th April 1964 Gordon Williams talking to Freddie and The Dreamers
10th February 1965 Alan Freeman talking to Cilla Black

Associated Rediffusion 24th December 1963

Director: Charles Squires
This was a documentary presented by Daniel Farson examining the phenomenon of Merseybeat, with contributions from Gerry and The Pacemakers, Rory Storm and The Hurricanes and other less well-known Liverpool groups. Pictured are one of the best, The Undertakers.

Thames 1963 - 1966

"I wanna tell you a story . . " The ever-popular middle of the road entertainer with backing from the Jack Parnell orchestra. Max had many chart hits during the Fifties and Sixties but his best known recordings are probably the L.P. 'SingalongaMax' series and the wonderful 'Fings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be'. They're certainly (and sadly) not.

ATV 1963 - 1967

A collection of general entertainment series and specials was made by ATV under this general heading, starring the highly popular 'Australian' singer (he was actually born in Coventry) and special guests. The show screened on 1st September 1963 was live from the Prince of Wales Theatre, London, produced by Albert Locke.

BBC2 6th July 1964 - 1965

Produced by Barry Langford and hosted by Pat Campbell, the show was originally billed as '25 minutes non-stop beat and shake' which was later extended to half an hour. The format was the standard regular guests and new releases, and the resident dancers were The Beat Girls (pictured). It leaned quite heavily towards R&B music and included artists such as Sonny Boy Williamson, John Lee Hooker, Little Walter, Chris Farlowe and Long John Baldry.

Southern Studios - Dover

Southern 1964

Hosted by DJ Barry Langford this was similar to Juke Box Jury but featured four teenagers giving their views on new releases - three 'hip' and one 'square'. HIT or MISS cards were held up and, if a record was voted a 'MISS', a cannonball would slide down a chute and demolish it. A regular 'square' on the programme was Ken Chaplin who went on to manage pop group 'The Untamed'. Wendy Richards also appeared on the programme.

Riverside studios

BBC2 1964

A Saturday afternoon programme transmitted from the London Riverside Studios which was a mix of fashion, film, current technology and music featuring artists such as Adam Faith, The Rolling Stones and Brian Poole and The Tremeloes.

BBC1 January 1964 - July 2006

Please see separate TOTP feature page

Tom Edwards - not from show

Border 1964

Pop television series presented by Tom Edwards
No other information currently available.

BBC1 1964

A song and dance series starring Millicent Martin which won her the Light Entertainment Personality of the Year award

Ulster September 1964
A short-lived, five nights a week presentation aired from 28th September to 23rd December that featured Irish show bands twice weekly.

Ulster 1964

Believed to be a pop television series - no other information currently available

Granada 12th February 1964

Producer: Dick Fontaine
A documentary of The Beatles visit to the Big Apple, especially the hysterical fans at the airport.

Station and transmission date unknown 1964

A 74 minute documentary film made for television by Albert and David Maysles about The Beatles U.S. Tour. No other information.

ABC May 1964

Director: Mark Stuart
This NME poll-winners concert was televised from the Empire Pool, Wembley, and introduced by David Jacobs and Jimmy Savile. It featured performances from The Beatles, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers, The Dave Clark Five, Freddie and The Dreamers, Gerry and The Pacemakers, The Hollies, Big Dee Irwin, Kathy Kirby, Billy J.Kramer and The Dakotas, Joe Loss, Manfred Mann, The Merseybeats, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, Cliff Richard, The Shadows, The Rolling Stones and The Swinging Blue Jeans.

Associated Rediffusion 6th May 1964

Taped before a studio audience Tuesday April 28, 1964. A Beatles special produced by Jack Good which featured 6 full songs and a medley of 5 other hits. They also took part in a parody of part of a Shakespeare play in which Paul played Pyramus, George played Moonshine, John was Lady Thisbe and Ringo was The Lion.
The 60 minute production was repeated, in a slightly edited form, on Monday June 8th (6:08-7:00 pm). Although Around The Beatles would give the appearance of a live perfomance, they were miming to a pre-taped soundtrack recorded at the IBC recording studio In London on Sunday April 19th.

The songs were: complete versions of Twist & Shout, Roll Over Beethoven, I Wanna Be Your Man, Long Tall Sall and Can't Buy Me Love. They also performed a medley of the following tunes: Love Me Do, Please Please Me, From Me To You, She Loves You, and I Want To Hold Your Hand, finishing with a version of Shout. See Separate Article
Granada May 1964

Not generally known for its contribution to the world of Pop Music, this was a serious documentary program on the 'pop pirates' of Radio Caroline and Radio Atlanta. It included rare location shots from the port at Greenore, the Atlanta recording studio and footage of the ships. Session musicians were used to overdub background music from the recording studio due to objections from the music regulating authorities.

Rolling Stones - not from show

BBC2 25th May 1964

A special pop concert recorded at The Royal Albert Hall on 27th April 1964. Featured The Rolling Stones performing 'Not Fade Away', 'High Heel Sneakers' and 'I'm Alright'. Compered by Alan Freeman.

BBC2 1964 - 1965

A monthly hour-long pop concert which featured eight or nine top chart groups.
No other information.

Granada 23rd June 1964

Producer: Dick Fontaine
Another documentary on The Beatles, introduced by Bill Grundy, looking at their life on the road.


Southern December 1964 to July 1965
Mike Mansfield's production ran from 31st December 1964 to 29th July 1965, hosted by Terence Carroll and Shaw Taylor, and featured interviews with female artists.

ABC July 19th 1964

A one-off spectacular Summer season edition of Mike and Bernie Winters' 'Big Night Out' show featuring special guest stars, The Beatles

Patsy Ann Noble - not from show

Associated Rediffusion 22nd July 1964

Director: Robert Fleming
A one-off special starring Adam Faith and Patsy Ann Noble featuring songs with the theme of 'dreams'.

ATV 5th August 1964

Producer: Albert Locke
A special from the legendary Big 'O', with guests Julie Rogers and Daniel Remy. Also featured the Pamela Davis dancers with musical backing by the Jack Parnell orchestra.

Ray Charles - not from show

Associated Rediffusion 26th August 1964

A special on the inimitable Ray Charles, recorded on 20th July, with many famous guests from the world of pop in the studio audience.

Ringo Starr - not from show

BBC2 September / October 1964

The Oxfam National Beat Group Competition featured 11 unknown bands in a contest decided by a panel of judges that included Beatle Ringo Starr.

BBC1 16th October 1964

An 18-show series, transmitted on a fortnightly basis, made Kathy one of the highest-paid TV performers of the time at £1000 a show. Produced by Ernest Maxim, musical backing for the girl with glossy lips was by the Eric Robinson orchestra and the George Mitchell Singers. The first four shows of the series were recorded and the remainder transmitted live.

American ABC September 16th 1964

'What's that doing in here?' I hear you cry. Well… Shindig! (ABC) and Hullabaloo (NBC) were two Sixties American 'live' pop television shows, Jack Good-produced, each lasting about eighteen months and showcasing a lot of British groups. Shindig started as a half hour show but was increased to an hour in January 1965. Brian Epstein introduced the acts on a few of the first NBC shows which started in January 1965. On occasion the shows were televised live from London and the first Shindig! show on September 16th 1964 was actually an episode of Ready Steady Go! with the titles altered for the American market. Videos of these classic shows are available to buy on the internet.

Associated Rediffusion 25th November 1964

A charity fancy dress event recorded at the Empire Pool, Wembley, on 20th November and introduced by Jimmy Savile and Anne Nightingale. Acts included The Animals, Long John Baldry, Susan Maughan and The Rolling Stones.

ABC 1964

Director: Geoff Ramsey
Producer: Mark Stuart
A series where top recording stars sang their own particular favourites from their hit songs.

 JAZZ 625
BBC2 1964 - 1966

Producer: Terry Henebery
Introduced by Steve Race (later, Humphrey Lyttelton) each program featured a particular aspect of Jazz, starring such artists as Dizzy Gillespie, Duke Ellington, Henry 'Red' Allen, Oscar Peterson, Dave Brubeck, Errol Garner, Woody Herman, Tubby Hayes and Chris Barber. The title, of course, related to the fact that BBC2 was broadcasting on 625 lines, producing a much improved picture quality.

Granada 30th September 1964

Director: Philip Casson
Producer: John Hamp
Jerry Lee Lewis gave an unrehearsed performance in Granada's Studio 6, with The Animals and Gene Vincent. Apparently, the audience were so hyped-up by Jerry Lee that the camera crews had to fight to get any footage at all.

Adam faith - not from show

Associated Rediffusion 18th November 1964

Director: Robert Fleming
Adam Faith, interviewed by Ronan O'Casy, looked back at the girls in his life through conversation and song.

ATV 1964

A series produced by Colin Clews for Billy, the rock'n'roller turned ballad king, who never achieved the chart topping success his talent deserved. Supported by Jack Parnell's orchestra and the Ross Taylor Dancers.

ABC 1964

In addition to the Winter scheduling, a Summer season version of 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' was introduced in 1964 from the Teddington Studios which kept more or less to the same format and featured Billy Fury as a regular guest performer.

ABC 5th December 1964

A special edition of the programme recorded on 29th November which featured The Rolling Stones performing 'Around and Around', 'Little Red Rooster', 'Off The Hook' and 'Empty Heart'.

Ronnie Carroll

Mark Wynter

 CALL IN ON . . .
ATV 1964 - 1965

This was a collection of series and 'specials' under a general heading featuring a top singer as the main artist with weekly or specially invited guest stars. The artists featured included:

CALL IN ON CARROLL - Ronnie Carroll series
CALL IN ON TOM - Tom Jones special
CALL IN ON VALENTINE - Dickie Valentine series
CALL IN ON WYNTER - Mark Wynter series

This led to a 1965 spin-off series for Ronnie Carroll with the tongue-in-cheek title of

ATV 1965

Producer: Albert Locke

Late Night Line-up

BBC2 1964 - 1972

This began as a 10 minute prologue to the evening's viewing but by the end of its first year had been extended and placed at the end of the evening schedule as a live late night arts discussion programme in its own right and re-named 'Late Night Line-Up'. The show ran for six or seven nights a week, a total of over 3000 shows, with its own music slot, dealing mainly with folk, jazz and progressive rock and is noted here for being the parent program of 'Colour Me Pop' (see 1968). Presenters included Joan Bakewell, Dennis Tuohy, John Stone, Michael Dean, Nicholas Tresilian, Sheridan Morley and Tony Bilbow.

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