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For those of you who like trivia or quizzes, here are 38 general 'Sixties' quizzes with quite wide-ranging subject matter - I hope you find them interesting and informative. The 380+ questions are of varying difficulty - easy if you know the answers, but there may be a few
teasers here for you even if you are a 60s 'head'! If you spot any glaring errors, I'm sure you will let me know.......
There are also links to music and charts trivia pages and a few pages of brain-teasing lists.

Music and Chart Trivia         The Name Game #1 (Artists' Real Names)         The Name Game #2 (Original Group or Act Names)         Before They Were Famous (Artists' Original Occupations)

Music - General - 1

1.  What did Dora Bryan want for Christmas in 1963?
2.  In 1966 who were they 'coming to take me away, ha-haa' ?
3.  How was the Belgian Soeur Sourire known in the UK?
4.  What was The Shadows' first No1 hit?
5.  Where and at what time was Kenny Ball in the charts in 1961?
6.  Who advised us to 'Walk, Don't Run'?
7.  Which famous guitarist's real name is Brian Robson Rankin?
8.  Who was the band leader of Manuel and his Music of the Mountains?
9.  What was The Beatles' first top ten single?
10.In 1966 Frank Sinatra had a No1 hit in 13 countries with what song?

Music - General - 2

1.  What did Anthony Newley ask from the No1 spot in 1960?
2.  Who was the oldest person to have a No1 hit?
3.  How many consecutive No1 hits did The Beatles have between 1963 and 1966?
4.  Adam Faith had two No1 hits. 'What Do You Want?' and which other song?
5.  Which DJ had a hit with 'Miss You' in 1963?
6.  Who was The Rolling Stones' manager in the Sixties?
7.  Which Small Faces hit was co-written by Kenny Lynch?
8.  What did Brian Epstein manage before The Beatles?
9.  Which Sixties 'happening' gave Matthews Southern Comfort a hit record?
10.The Overlanders took which Beatles song to the No1 spot?
Music - General - 3

1.  In 1960, who did Ricky Valance want us to tell that he loved her?
2.  Who had a 1968 hit with 'Judy In Disguise ( With Glasses)'?
3.  Which Coronation St and Crossroads star sang 'Where Will You Be?' in 1968?
4.  Where was Helen Shapiro 'Walking' in 1961?
5.  Who encouraged us to 'Shout' in 1964?
6.  What was Millie's boy called?
7.  How were the girls in The Ronettes related?
8.  What, according to the Paper Dolls, 'keeps a-telling me no'?
9.  What did Mark Wynter's 'Venus' wear?
10.Started in 1961, what was Frank Sinatra's own record label called?

Music - General - 4

1.  Who had a disagreement over 'Bangers and Mash' in 1961?
2.  Where did we first hear a didgeridoo in the charts?
3.  Which highly successful instrumentalist had his first hit with 'Lonely Bull'?
4.  Which 'March' took Joe Loss into the charts in 1964?
5.  Who, in 1966, were 'Dedicated Follower(s) of Fashion'?
6.  Where did Petula Clark ask us to accompany her to, 'where all the lights are bright'?
7.  Who rejected the chance to record 'Baby Love', which became a hit for The 4 Supremes?
8.  Who had a 'Sweet Talkin' Guy'?
9.  Whose song were The Rolling Stones named after?
10.Which No1 Rolling Stones hit was the first to be written by Jagger and Richard?
Music - General - 5

1.  Who wrote The Monkees' hit 'I'm A Believer'?
2.  Which solo instrument did John Lennon play on 'Love Me Do'?
3.  There is a house in New Orleans called what by The Animals?
4.  The theme from which film was taken to the top of the charts by Hugo Montenegro?
5.  Which song was a No1 hit for Frank Sinatra, recorded with his eldest daughter?
6.  Who wrote 'I'll Never Find Another You' and 'Georgy Girl' for The Seekers?
7.  Where was The Beatles' last live performance?
8.  Who were feeling 'Good Vibrations' in 1966?
9.  Gene Pitney was how long from where?
10.Which girl group were named after a football pools company?

Music - General - 6

1.  What 'year' was a hit for Zager and Evans?
2.  Who was the lead singer with Amen Corner?
3.  Which trio had 12 US No1 hits but only 1 in the UK?
4.  Which camp provided Allan Sherman with a hit?
5.  What hit prompted the reply song 'Tell Tommy I Miss Him' by Marilyn Michaels?
6.  Which Shadow did Brian Bennett replace on drums in 1961?
7.  Who complained about 'Summer In The City'?
8.  Which Beatles song was their first US No 1?
9.  What was the hit theme to Juke Box Jury?
10.Which member of The Beatles inspired their 'mop top' hairstyles?
Music - General - 7

1.  Who had a lovely daughter, according to Herman's Hermits?
2.  Where might you come across Horst Jankowski taking a walk?
3.  Which group had a girl drummer called Honey Lantree?
4.  What cool drink was a hit for Peter Sarstedt?
5.  Who were The Kinks seeking here and there in 1965?
6.  Who was having Someone Else's Baby in 1960?
7.  Who invented medicinal compound?
8.  The Mojos, The Undertakers and The Swingin' Blue Jeans: all from which city?
9.  Crosby Stills and Nash formed in 1969 - from which groups did they come together?
10.Who were John Stokes, and Dec and Con Clusky better known as?

Music - General - 8

1.  A version of Chuck Berry's 'Come On' was the first single for which group?
2.  Which Mod group were all under 5'6" tall?
3.  Which two British male singers were managed by Gordon Mills?
4.  What were The Young Rascals doing on a Sunday afternoon?
5.  What is step 3 in 'Three Steps To Heaven'?
6.  What was The Bachelors' only No 1 hit?
7.  Three Sixties chart hits started with Z: Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah, Zorba's Dance.... and what?
8.  'Never On Sunday' was a hit for how many different artists?
9.  Which girl can't Scott Walker forget?
10.Shirley Owens was the lead singer of which all-girl group?


Music - General - 9

1.  Who was 'Gonna Be Strong' in 1964?
2.  Who thought 'Fings Ain't Wot They Used To Be' in 1960?
3.  Who was the object of desire in The Crystals' Da Doo Ron Ron?
4.  Who prophetically observed 'people like their blues singers dead'?
5.  Other than The Beatles, who also recorded a version of 'A Hard Day's Night'?
6.  According to Manfred Mann, what ain't you seen nothing like?
7.  What Lordly title did Gene Chandler lay claim to?
8.  Which Beatle sang lead vocals on 'Help'?
9.  What record label did Cliff Richard record on?
10.Where did The Small Faces get high?

Music - General - 10

1.  What was Fleetwood Mac's only No 1?
2.  Which Gerry and The Pacemakers hit came from the musical 'Carousel'?
3.  Alan Price 'may step out in style with a sassy smile and a....' what?
4.  What was The Shadows first hit without Cliff Richard?
5.  Danny Williams and Andy Williams both had a No 1 hit with which song?
6.  What was The Beatles' biggest-selling Sixties single?
7.  Who was the first artist to have 3 consecutive number ones in the British Sixties charts?
8.  What group, other than The Beatles, also failed an EMI audition but went on to score 15 top ten hits?
9.  Who was the lead singer for The Dave Clark Five?
10.Who was the only British girl singer to have three Sixties number one hits?
Music - Backing Groups - 11
All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Tuxedos
2.  M.G.s
3.  Stingers
4.  Mighty Avons
5.  Detroit Wheels
6.  Rebels
7.  Roulettes
8.  First Edition
9.  Playboy Band

Music - Backing Groups - 12
All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Gladiators
2.  Comets
3.  Vagabonds
4.  Hurricanes
5.  Pips
6.  Music Of The Mountains
7.  Miracles
8.  Whalers
9.  Tremeloes
Music - Backing Groups - 13
All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Sabres
2.  Blue Jeans
3.  All Stars
4.  Magic Band
5.  Bruisers
6.  Rebel Rousers
7.  Famous Flames
8.  Animals
9.  Starliters

Music - Backing Groups - 14

All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Rebelettes
2.  Blue Flames
3.  Mindbenders
4.  Dreamers
5.  Fireballs
6.  Launchers
7.  Hermits
8.  Shondells
9.  Jumping Jacks

Music - Backing Groups - 15
All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Luvvers
2.  Big Roll Band
3.  Paramount Jazz Band
4.  Union Gap
5.  Shadows
6.  Beatles
7.  Mustafas
8.  Zodiacs
9.  Wurzels

Music - Backing Groups - 16
All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.  Outlaws
2.  Bruvvers
3.  City Gents
4.  Aces
5.  Big Sound
6.  Fenmen
7.  Fentones
8.  Checkmates
9.  Tornados
Music - Backing Groups - 17

All the following were, at some time, billed as something like 'Rolf and The Wombats'.
Here are 'The Wombats' - many of whom also had hits in their own right. In each case, who was 'Rolf'?

1.   Greek Serenaders
2.   Vibrations
3.   Jaywalkers
4.   Pirates
5.   New Orleans Jazzmen
6.   Vandellas
7.   Mysterians
8.   Pharaohs
9.   Ram Jam Band
10. Romantics

Sixties - General - 18

1.  Whom did Angus Ogilvy marry in 1963?
2.  Which French philosopher refused the Nobel Prize for literature in 1964?
3.  In which English county was the Jodrell Bank telescope built?
4.  Who were first seen walking London streets in 1960?
5.  In which country did General Mobutu seize power in 1965?
6.  Which British cathedral was consecrated in 1962?
7.  London Zoo's 'Pipaluk' was what kind of animal?
8.  Which organisation celebrated it's 50th anniversary on 1st April 1968?
9.  Whose radio 'diary' came to an end in 1969?
10.What was the title of the third 'Bond' movie?
Sixties - General - 19

1.  Which country did Warsaw Pact troops invade in August 1968?
2.  Which island was ruled by Dame Sibyl Hathaway in 1969?
3.  What nationality was the pop group 'Marmalade'?
4.  What did Britain agree to buy from America in 1963?
5.  In May 1961, what spy received a record jail sentence?
6.  Which country was banned from the 1964 Olympic Games?
7.  Which African dam was opened by the Queen Mother in 1960?
8.  What was the original name of Malcolm X?
9.  Who played the title role in the film 'Doctor Zhivago'?
10.Weatherly beat Gretel to win what in 1962?

Sixties - General - 20

1.  Which ex-king of Egypt died in 1965?
2.  Which satirical magazine first appeared in Britain in 1962?
3.  Which spy escaped from a London prison in 1966?
4.  In Britain, what ran for the last time on 11th August 1968?
5.  Which British coin ceased to be legal tender in 1960?
6.  Where was 'Hamburger Hill'?
7.  Who sailed round the world in 'Lively Lady'?
8.  Nigerian Dick Tiger was a double world champion in which sport?
9.  Which was the BBC's first local radio station?
10.What kind of performers appeared in the TV series 'Four Feather Falls'?

Sixties - General - 21

1.  Which actor's real name was Hirsch Larushka Skikne?
2.  For which criminal incident was James Hanratty executed in 1962?
3.  What ran between Rhyll and Wallasey for the first time in 1962?
4.  Where was the Cunard liner QEII launched?
5.  Where and when did Che Guevara die?
6.  Who starred in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'?
7.  Who was George Rockwell?
8.  Which sportsman was nicknamed 'Broadway Joe'?
9.  Who wrote 'Catch 22'?
10.Which two car manufacturers merged in 1960?

Music - General - 22

1.  What Liverpool music paper was first published in 1961?
2.  What did singer Shane Fenton change his name to in 1973?
3.  What was Cilla Black's first big hit?
4.  Which band leader had a hit with 'Wonderland By Night'?
5.  What sort of shop did Brian Epstein run before managing The Beatles?
6.  Who took his orchestra to 'A Summer Place'?
7.  What did Ricky Valance want us to do in 1960?
8.  'Ode To Billy Joe' was a 1967 hit for who?
9.  Who had a US chart topper in 1967 with 'Incense and Peppermints'?
10.What year saw the Rolling Stones' first No1 hit?
Sixties - General - 23

1.  Reg Harris achieved fame in which sport?
2.  What was Jimmy Greaves' first League football club?
3.  What event affected transport in Sweden on 2nd September 1967?
4.  Who created the literary character Chief Inspector Wexford?
5.  Who wrote the Stones' hit 'I Wanna Be Your Man'?
6.  Which union did Jack Jones lead?
7.  Which country launched a satellite called 'Alouette'?
8.  Which music hall comedian died in 1963?
9.  Where did the USA and USSR hold nuclear test ban talks in 1962?
10.Who was 'Chi-Chi' off to meet in 1966?

Sixties - General - 24

1.  Who or what was 'The Shrimp'?
2.  Who played the lead in the film 'El Cid'?
3.  Which comedian committed suicide in Australia in 1968?
4.  Which new cup was introduced to English Football in 1960?
5.  What went up with a bang in Dublin in 1966?
6.  What football team did TV's Alf Garnett support?
7.  India was attacked by which country in 1962?
8.  What was the occupation of Norman Parkinson?
9.  Who was in charge of the 'Desilu' production company?
10.Who was the creator of 'Star Trek'?

Sixties - The Film Industry - 25

1.   Which actress made her name in 'A Taste of Honey'?
2.   Whose last film was 'A Ship of Fools' in 1965?
3.   Which film company made the 1968 film 'The Devil Rides Out'?
4.   Who played Henry VIII in 'A Man For All Seasons'?
5.   Who played 'the spy who came in from the cold'?
6.   Which actor starred in the 1962 film 'A Kind Of Loving'?
7.   In which 1960 film did Kirk Douglas play the part of a slave?
8.   In which year did Buster Keaton die?
9.   Who directed the first Beatles film and what was it called?
10. Who directed 1969's 'Oh What A Lovely War'?

Sixties - General - 26

1.   Who was the star of 'Up Pompeii'?
2.   Who or what was Groote Schur?
3.   Who was the first English football player to be sent off in an international?
4.   What was the name of Britain's first supersonic jet fighter (1960)?
5.   In 1960, what was Enovid 10?
6.   Who met officially for the first time in 400 years?
7.   With which movement was James Meredith associated?
8.   Which operatic tenor made his debut at La Scala in 1965?
9.   What was a 'Double Two'?
10. In which country was Johnny Halliday a pop star?
Sixties - General - 27

1.  What new card became available in Britain in 1963?
2.  Which party won the 1966 British general election?
3.  Who wore a bow tie on the TV show 'Call My Bluff'?
4.  In 1962, what were 'Unimates'?
5.  In what year was the 'Torrey Canyon' disaster?
6.  Which crime made British headlines in 1963?
7.  What name did Hillman give to its version of the 'Mini'?
8.  What was 'Smash', apparently much-loved by Martians?
9.  Which important law did President Johnson sign in July 1964?
10. What was going to be constructed at Dounreay in Scotland?

Sixties - Music - 28

1.  Which instrument featured on the chart hit 'Stranger On The Shore'?
2.  Which pop singer starred in 'It's Trad Dad' in 1961?
3.  Who replaced Brian Jones in 'The Rolling Stones'?
4.  What was distinctive about Frank Ifield's singing style?
5.  Which town did The Troggs come from?
6.  Who wrote the Rolling Stones' hit 'I Wanna Be Your Man'?
7.  Who was Sandra Goodrich better known as?
8.  What was Roy Orbison's middle name?
9.  What was The Beatles' first album called?
10. Which singer did 'The Band' back?
Sixties - A Decade of Sport - 29

1. 1960: In which Grand Prix were two British drivers killed?
2. 1961: Which team won the County Cricket Championship for the first time?
3. 1962: Which team were beaten 3-1 by Brazil in the football World Cup Final?
4. 1963: What scandal hit The Derby this year?
5. 1964: Which athlete won Britain’s first Olympic gold?
6. 1965: What was Charlton Athletic footballer Keith Peacock’s claim to fame?
7. 1966: Before his World Cup Final hat-trick, how many goals had Geoff Hurst scored in the competition?
8. 1967: Who won the Wimbledon men’s singles tennis title?
9. 1968: Which U.S. athlete broke the world long jump record by nearly 2 feet in the Olympics?
10. 1969: Which Italian motorcyclist won his 4th successive world 500cc title?

Sixties - 1960 - 30

1. Jan: How did French writer Albert Camus die?
2. Feb: Where were the Winter Olympics held? (USA)
3. Apr: Which city became the new capital of Brazil?
4. May: Which South American country suffered massive earthquakes?
5. Jun: What was issued for the first time by the NHS?
6. Jul: What was flown in the USA for the first time on July 4th?
7. Sep: What caused concern for motorists in London?
8. Oct: The News Chronicle merged with which other British newspaper?
9. Nov: What age was John F.Kennedy when he was elected president of the USA?
10. Dec: Which British coin ceased to be legal tender on December 31st?
Sixties - Television - 31

1. Which comedy series did Sid James appear in after ‘Hancock’s Half Hour’?
2. Which sci-fi drama series featured Julie Christie as a computer-created girl?
3. Who played the title role in the BBC’s ‘Just William’ series?
4. Who played the title role in the sitcom series ‘Our Man at St.Marks’?
5. Which children’s TV programme was first hosted by Julie Stevens and Terence Holland?
6. Which humorous long-running BBC game show was first compered by Robin Day?
7. Who played Alf Garnett’s daughter, Rita?
8. Which children’s puppet show, narrated by Brian Cant, was first seen in 1967?
9. John Alderton starred in the comedy series ‘Please Sir!’ in what school?
10. What was the title of the series featuring forensic scientist Adam Strange?

Sixties - A Decade of Film - 32

1. 1960: In which film did John Wayne play Davy Crockett?
2. 1961: Which film starring Hayley Mills was based on a book written by her mother?
3. 1962: What was the name of Burt Lancaster’s character in ‘The Birdman of Alcatraz’?
4. 1963: In which film did the character Rosa Klebb have retractable knives in her shoes?
5. 1964: Who played the title role in the film ‘Zorba The Greek’?
6. 1965: Which WW2 action film featured singers Frank Sinatra and John Leyton?
7. 1966: Which film starred Raquel Welch as a miniaturised scientist?
8. 1967: In which film did Paul Newman portray a prisoner in a chain gang?
9. 1968: Which film, featuring The Monkees, was written by Jack Nicholson and Bob Rafelson?
10. 1969: Which British composer wrote the themes for ‘Midnight Cowboy’ and ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’?
Sixties - Through The Years - 33

1. 1960: Which new note was put into circulation in Britain?
2. 1961: Which Russian city was renamed Volgograd?
3. 1962: Who was the first Briton to climb the north face of the Eiger?
4. 1963: Which San Francisco 'rock' was closed in March 1963?
5. 1964: Who became Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia?
6. 1965: What was France's first satellite called?
7. 1966: Which Dublin monument was destroyed by an IRA bomb?
8. 1967: Where was the first 'human be-in' held?
9. 1968: Which company opened its first office at 95 Wigmore Street?
10. 1969: Which London institution announced that it was to admit women for the first time?

Sixties - Miscellaneous - 34

1. What nationality was singer Manfred Mann?
2. Which act did The Rolling Stones support on their first UK tour?
3. How much was stolen in 'The Great Train Robbery'?
4. Under which Act was Nelson Mandela imprisoned in 1964?
5. What did Robert McCullogh buy for £1 million pounds in 1968?
6. Who owned the farm where Woodstock was held?
7. For what event did 20 million people tune in to Coronation Street in 1968?
8. Which French cosmetics 'giant' died in October 1966?
9. Which circus owner died in September 1966?
10. Who, in 1962, gave a conducted TV tour of The White House?
Sixties - Sport - 35

1. 1960: Which racing driver won 5 consecutive Grand Prix?
2. 1961: Which footballer moved from Milan to Spurs for a record fee?
3. 1962: Who knocked out Floyd Patterson to win the World Heavyweight boxing title?
4. 1962: The first European Championships of which sport were held?
5. 1962: Which newcomer beat Margaret Smith in the Wimbledon womens singles?
6. 1963: Which team beat Leicester 3-1 in the FA Cup Final?
7. 1963: Why did the FA ban 3 Bristol footballers for life?
8. 1965: What was racing driver Jim Clark the first to achieve?
9. 1965: Which horse won the Cheltenham Gold Cup for the second time?
10. 1968: Olympics - in which sport did Al Oerter win a gold medal for the USA?

Sixties - A Decade of Television - 36

1. 1960: Basil Sydney starred in which detective series?
2. 1961: Which comedy series was set in the workshop of Fenner Fashions?
3. 1962: Johnny Morris presented which zoological children's programme?
4. 1963: Which news/current affairs programme was first screened?
5. 1964: Which puppet show featured W.A.S.P.?
6. 1965: Which stop-action children's series was created by Serge Danot?
7. 1966: What was the name of the Z-Cars spin-off series?
8. 1967: Who created and wrote 'The Prisoner' series?
9. 1968: Which E.Nesbit story became a 7-part BBC series?
10. 1969: Which travel programme was first hosted by Cliff Michelmore?

Sixties - Miscellaneous - 37

1. Why did churches change the time of evening services in1960?
2. Which successful wildlife TV programme was first presented by Aubrey Buxton in 1961?
3. What did Fidel Castro abolish in Cuba in May 1961?
4. What was the approximate world population in September 1962?
5. Who was the first person to use an ATM in the UK?
6. In 1964, The Daily Herald was relaunched as what?
7. Who described the Paris fashion world as 'out of date' in 1964?
8. What did Jay Trump win in March 1965?
9. Which actor played the title role in 'Callan' in 1967?
10. What two new coins came into circulation in 1968?

Sixties - People - 38

1. Who designed the Mini car?
2. Who wore a bow tie on TV's 'Call My Bluff'?
3. In what sport was Alan Rudkin a champion?
4. With which TV game show was Stuart Hall associated?
5. Who played Rita in 'Til Death Us Do Part'?
6. What kind of books did Louis L'Amour write?
7. Which artist painted swimming pool pictures?
8. What did Elizabeth Lane achieve in British courts in 1965?
9. Who met on board H.M.S. Tiger?
Which footballer was knighted in 1965?

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