Sixties City Site Information
Sixties City Site Information

General Information
Sixties City started as a bit of a hobby and my attempt to provide a few interesting and informative pages for education and reminiscence. It is now about 20 years old, in various forms, and remaining a non-profit hobby carried out in my increasingly limited 'spare' time. Many subjects appearing within the site are now pretty well complete and definitive, such as the music charts pages. Others, such as my 'History of the Pop Pirates', are subject to periodic enhancement and adjustment and are as accurate as I can make them using information from many sources (often a consensus of opinion!), including your personal input. There are now hundreds of pages here on varied aspects of the decade that I hope you will find attractive, entertaining and informative. There are lots of articles from contributors and also many links to other external sites which, in many cases, specialise and expand on specific Sixties subjects that, so far, I may have only touched on briefly. If you have any unique insights or personal memories / anecdotes that you would like to provide and see on these pages, please get in touch.

This site deals mainly with the British Sixties although, of course, these changes were happening to a greater or lesser extent throughout much of the world at the time, particularly America, and there were many cross-cultural exchanges of fashion, ideas and music, that are also included
. For various areas of information, please click on the subject link of interest below - or just scroll down the page. Otherwise..... just get yourself back to the main content and, as I do, enjoy some of the magic and memories of the Sixties!

I have been slowly refurbishing all the pages to introduce some consistency to the site and improve the quality of some of the original pages. This takes a while, being a 'one man band' and optimal values sometimes change in the middle of a series of updates so therefore aspect ratios on some of the pages may differ, temporarily - but I'm getting there.
All the pages are now being reconstructed for best viewing at 2560 x 1440 landscape format to suit Windows 10 and widescreen monitors - this may take a while to complete and there may be differences in page views while this is being done - hopefully this will not spoil your enjoyment and will be the last major change.

The menu system has now been updated and improved to align with the new site location - sorry for any inconvenience. I hope you didn't have too much trouble finding the site - Sixties City is now a 'net' instead of a 'com' and it has not been possible to put in a 'gateway' page, but you will find access to the site a lot easier and more reliable now. Please update any links to the site that you may have - just change '.com' to '.net' - the page names are the same.

If you have visited before, file locations and content do occasionally change so I strongly recommend that you refresh pages when you revisit at any time.

This is genuinely a non-profit site - just a hobby - which is why you will be largely untroubled by advertising, banners, pop-ups etc. Any small income generated from retail sites is to support Sixties City's continued upkeep and growth. I do love you visiting, but I am slowly discovering that there is a price to be paid for popularity! I try to check the content, suitability and safety of any linked sites and visit them all before linking to them, but I cannot accept responsibility for either should you wish to go there and start tracking around.

Although many sections are now 'definitive and complete', most pages contain a periodically updated general overview and tend to reflect my own personal interests and memories.

Many of the pages are quite heavy in graphics as it was always my intention to present the site in a kind of 'magazine' format. Less of a problem these days with faster transfer speeds and processors, but some pages may take a short while to fully load. Most graphics are in .jpg or .gif and are uncompressed to give you better image quality. I hate lousy graphics and I hope that you will find the extra quality worth the short wait! In many cases, larger versions of images are available to view. All areas of the site can be considered to be under constant construction with new and improved pages appearing as they are completed.

I hope you find the pages and content useful and informative and that they give you as much pleasure exploring them as I have had in creating them. I am always interested in your questions, comments and constructive criticism.

I am aware that a growing number of educational establishments are using the site as a point of reference and that the content needs to be reasonably 'child friendly', as far as possible, providing an interesting and hopefully balanced image of what were considered to be 'permissive' times, but would be grateful for any comment you wish to make in this regard.

Important: The pages now on are completely unrelated to this site, the original and best Sixties City and I cannot hold responsibility for any content or links appearing there

Linking To and From This Site

If you have a Sixties-related site suitable for linking or can provide personal reminiscences and/or material for subjects not covered yet, I'd love to hear from you. However, if you do mail me please make the title relevant - I get so much junk mail I often delete things like 'Hello' without opening them! Any aspect of the Sixties is of interest, no matter how small - BUT! - nothing sexist, pornographic or with dubious links will be considered. Also, unless it contains some astoundingly unique information, badly constructed sites may be refused as well - my choice!

The index page link address is now:

Please update any links to the site that you may have - just change '.com' to '.net' - the page names are the same.

Please don't link directly to individual images or sounds on this site. It's not friendly and slows down the loading on the bandwidth. Also, they do change occasionally and you will find yourself with dead links.
If you want to use any of them, (apart from the logo girl on the index page which is my copyright!), feel free, but please read my notes regarding copyright before using them on your own pages.

Many interesting sites with unique information and images come and go with alarming frequency, disappearing into the sunset without trace. Many of these are put up on .edu sites by students and are apparently 'wiped' when the student leaves. If you have such a site, or are intending to abandon your pages for whatever reason, please get in touch - I am more than happy to import such information into Sixties City so that others may continue to enjoy the content and information and full credit will be given to the original constructor / owner for posterity.

If you care to put a link to my site on your pages, huge thanks, but
please link to the main title page rather than individual sections AND.... I'd rather like to know as well, before you do it?

Important: The pages now on are completely unrelated to this site, the original and best Sixties City and I cannot hold responsibility for any content or links appearing there

Link Logos and Images

Here are a few link logos for the site if you want to use them. If you prefer the alternative logos appearing on any of the pages you have found, please feel free to 'lift' and use them instead - I don't mind. If you need to resize them for use on your pages and can't achieve decent quality, please ask me for another version - no problem!

Text description would be something like:

Sixties City - Bringin' on back the good times!
The home of the music, memories and magic of the most fun and exciting decade in history. Hundreds of pages on all aspects of the 1960s.

Content Accuracy and Advertising

The web service advertising banners appearing at the bottom of most Sixties City pages (such as this one) are for the company whose services I use in the presentation of this site. Their services are provided to me at a nominal charge and it is right that I should promote their services in return. I receive no income or profit for their promotion, but I have experienced nothing but excellent service from all of them and highly recommend them to you if you are starting, or want to improve, your own web pages or site. They are well worth considering.
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Other services I occasionally use can be found on the resources page.

The costs of keeping this site going are increasing, so I do accept a small amount of paid advertising to help. There is no fixed charge - please contact me if you have any advertising propositions.

No-one's perfect...... It is difficult to keep track of a lot of the links and images on something this large and still growing. If you find any 'bloopers' or 'dead links' - please let me know!

This site has taken me ohh...... twenty years or so to construct and a lot of that time has been spent on research. I've done my best to make sure the facts are correct but I can't accept any responsibility for consequences due to errors that might exist in any of the information appearing on these pages. If you do notice any checkable inaccuracies I would appreciate it if you would let me know.
Some of you already have - thank you very much for taking the trouble!


I have virtually no information regarding copyright contacts for images used on the site - I haven't kept a record!! - but I have seen most of the images in various locations on the internet, many with no copyright contact information - you may be able to turn something up if you use something like Google image search. I am using them to illustrate the articles purely for interest and fan purposes, but if I have upset anyone through their use, please advise me and I will either remove them or be only too pleased to give credit to the copyright owner if that is acceptable, bearing in mind that this is a non-profit site - I'm not in the business of stealing your income or ownership.

I DO OWN THE COPYRIGHT for 'Sixties Girl' and for all
ORIGINAL text and creative graphics on these pages and I will protect them if I have to, but I'm easy going...... If you want to reproduce any of my own stuff, by whatever means, please ask. I'll probably say yes - but it would just be nice to be asked and to know where it is going! The same offer applies to sound files, particularly original recordings and midi file authors, with whose work I am totally impressed. Registered names and logos obviously remain the copyright of the particular owners. Again, I only reproduce them for interest purposes and the same condition applies.

There are pages now appearing on the site where copyright of text, and some images, are held by the contributors, such as the Bill Harry pages - these are generally indicated on the page and should not be reproduced without their expressed permission. To anyone who does hold copyrights on any of these and lets them stay on here, a very big Thank You!
I would also like to pay tribute to the authors of the many books and web sites I have looked at while putting this together as I can now appreciate, even if only to a small extent, the amount of work involved.

I hope you find the pages interesting, informative, memory-provoking and, most of all, FUN!

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