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If you want to get in touch, th
e current e-mail contact address for Sixties City is: SIXTIESCITY ( @ ) TALKTALK.NET
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It's always great to hear from you . . . but please put in a suitable subject header as, due to the amount of spam 'mail' generated these days I will often delete anything that looks dodgy without opening it . . .
that's if if my security software doesn't shoot it first! I'll usually be happy to respond as soon as I can although, on occasion, it may take me a few days as I do have a day job and a few other interests to pursue!

Before you mail, please do have a look at the Site Information page - it may save you a bit of time
Thanks for all the fab and fascinating comments, information and questions I've received over the years - I look forward to hearing from you about :-

Clint Hough Links - If you have a great Sixties-related website and want to let me know or possibly exchange links

Questions - I don't know everything! But, I'm happy to try and help if I can......

Corrections - I'm always keen to provide the most accurate information possible and am happy to receive advice of inaccuracies or mistakes,
as long as the information can be verified please

New Info and Personal Experiences - I'm also very happy to receive additional subject information or your reminiscences of personal experiences

Orphan Pages - It saddens me that many interesting sites and web pages I have come across with unique information and images come and go with such frequency, disappearing into the sunset without trace. Many of these are put up on .edu sites by students and are apparently 'wiped' when the student leaves.
If you have such a site / page, or are intending to discontinue your pages for whatever reason, please get in touch! I am more than happy to import such information into Sixties City so that others may continue to enjoy the content and information and, if you like, full credit will be given to the original constructor / owner for posterity. Thanks!

Advertising - I'm happy to discuss any enquiries about adverts just to help cover costs, but they should be in keeping with the site content to some extent.

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