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The 60s fad for new dances, and re-worked 'old' ones, brought us such wondrous things as:
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(Some names may be alternatives for the exact same dance - this has been avoided where known although, obviously, there were many slight variations on basic dances)

The 45
The 81

The Aba Daba Do Dance
The Adler Sock
The Afro Twist
The Agent 007 Dance
The Alabama Shake
The Alley Cat
The Alley Oop
The Alligator
The Ants
The Arthur

The Baby Baby
The Baby Walk
The Baby Beatle Walk
The Baby Workout
The Bad Baboon
The Banana Peel
The Banana Split
The Bang
The Barefootin'
The Barracuda
The Bastella
The Batman
The Bat-Tusi
The Beatle Boogie
The Beatle Bounce
The Beatle Stomp
The Beeje
The Beetle Squash
The Beguine
The Behemoth
The Bend It!
The Big City Stomp
The Big Egg
The Billy-Jo
The Bird
The Black Bottom
The Black Stomp
The Blakes Beat
The Block
The Blue Beat
The Blue Chip
The Bolaro
The Bombay
The Bombie
The Boney Maroney
The Bongo Hop
The Boo Boo
The Boo-Ga-Loo
The Boogaloo Popeye
The Boogasloo Tramp
The Boogler
The Boomerang
The Booty Green
The Bop
The Boss Walk
The Bossa Nova
The Bostella
The Boston Hop
The Boston Monkey
The Bounce
The Brain
The Breakdown
The Broadway Walk
The Bristol Stomp
The Broken Hip
The Bug
The Bull Nose Stomp
The Bumpsi
The Bunny Hop
The Burn
The Bushman
The Bus Stop
The Buzzard

The Cakewalk
The Calypso Dance
The Camel Walk
The Camel Walk Stroll
The Capri
The Carnaby
The Cat Walk
The Caterpillar
The Cavern Stomp
The Cha Cha Cha
The Cha Jerk
The Charge
The Charleston Fish
The Cheater Stomp
The Chicken
The Chicken Back
The Chicken Scratch
The Chicken Wings
The Chill
The Chiller
The Chiller Limbo
The Chin-A-Ling
The Ching Ching Wong
The Choo Choo
The Cinnamon Cinder
The Clam
The Clap Boo Ga loo
The Claw

The Cleopatra Cha Cha
The Cleopatra Stroll
The Click
The Climb
The Cling
The Clyde
The Coco Cherry Mash
The Coffee Grind
The Coffee Time
The Congo
The Continental
The Continental Mash
The Continental Walk
The Continental Whip
The Cool Broadway
The Cool Jerk
The Cool Off
The Cool Shake
The Cotton
The Count
The Cow
The Crack Up
The Crawl
The Craze
The Crazy Chicken
The Creamy Mashed Potato
The Crossfire
The Crow
The Crown
The Cruise
The Crumble
The Crusher
The Cum-A-La-Be-Stay

The Dagwood
The Danceannette
The Dartell Stomp
The Del Viking
The Dip
The Dipsey Dooble
The Dirt
The Dirty Boogie
The Dirty Dog
The Discophonic Walk
The Dish Rag
The Do Wa Diddi
The Doctors Boogie
The Dog
The Dogin
The Dolly
The Donkey Step
The Donkey Stroke
The Donkey Trot
The Donkey Twine
The Donkey Walk
The Doolang
The Doublemint
The Drac
The Drag
The Drive
The Drum Stomp
The Drunkard
The Duck
The Duck Walk

The Ebb'n'Flow
The Egyptian
The Egyptian Shumba
The Eighty One
The El Cable
The El Matador
The El Monkey
The El Watusi
The Elephant Walk
The Everything

The Fatback
The Fatman
The Fine Twine
The Finger Poppin'
The Fish
The Fish Tail
The Fish Walk
The Fishin' Pole
The Flake
The Flapper Flip
The Flea
The Flick
The Flintstone Flop
The Flip
The Flip Flop
The Float
The Fly
The Foot Stomping
The Footsee
The Fox
The Frankenstein Walk
The Freddie
The Fridge
The Frug
The Fumigate
The Funky 69
The Funky Broadway
The Funky Bull
The Funky Chicken
The Funky Horse
The Funky Jerk

The Funky Mississippi
The Funky Walk

The Gallop
The Gator
The Gawk'n'Stroll
The Gene Chandler
The Georgia Slop
The Get Down
The Get-E-Up
The Ginza
The Glide
The Goat
The Go-Get-A-Wig
The Go Go
The Goblin Trot
The Golli Golli
The Good Time Stomp
The Goodfoot
The Goose
The Gorilla
The Grandma Bird
The Granny
The Gremmie
The Grind
The Grunt
The Guinea
The Guitar Boogie Stomp
The Gully

The Hammer
The Hand Jive
The Hanky Panky
The Harlem Shuffle
The Harlem Tango
The Hawg
The Heat Wave
The Hip
The Hipper Snapper
The Hippies Waltz
The Hippy Hippy Shake
The Hitch Hiker
The Hitch-It-To-The-Horse
The Hitler
The Hokey Pokey
The Honey Dipper
The Hoochi Coochi Coo
The Hook And Sling
The Hook-It-To-The-Mule
The Hootch
The Hop
The Hop Scotch
The Hornet
The Horse
The Hot Footsie
The Hot Pastrami
The Hucklebuck
The Huddle
The Huggy Bug
The Hula
The Hullabaloo
The Hullaballoon
The Hully Gully
The Hully Gully Bongo
The Hully Gully Rock
The Humpback
The Humphrey Stomp
The Hunch
The Hush Puppy

The Jack Knife
The Jamaican Ska
The Jerk
The Jersey Bounce
The Jesse James
The Jitterbug
The Jive
The Jivin' Around
The Joogie Boogie
The Jordan Stomp
The Jump
The Jump And Hump
The Junkernoo

The Kangaroo
The Karate
The Karate Monkey
The King Kong's Monkey
The Klak Stick Kick
The Koo Koo
The Krunch

The LaBamba
The Letkiss
The Letkiss Trot
The Letkiss Walk
The Limbo
The Limbo Rock
The Locomotion
The Loddy-Lo
The Lone Star Stomp
The Loop De Loop
The Lowdown Popcorn
The Luau
The Lurch

The Madison
The Magoo

The Majestic
The Malibu
The Mambo
The Mambo Boogie
The Manhattan Stomp
The March Of The Mods
The Martian Hop
The Marvel
The Mash
The Mashi
The Mashed Potatoes
The Mashed Potatoes Popcorn
The Mashed Taters
The Massacre Stomp
The Matador
The Merengue
The Mess
The Mess Around
The Mexican Hat Dance
The Mickey's Monkey
The Millie
The Mint
The Mod
The Mod's Nod
The Mojo Workout
The Molecule A-Go-Go
The Monkey
The Monkey Bird
The Monkey Dog
The Monkey Donkey
The Monkey Hop
The Monkey Jerk
The Monkey Jump
The Monkey Shine
The Monkey Stroll
The Monkey Walk
The Monkey Wobble
The Monster Mash
The Mope
The Moppety Stomp
The Mosquito
The Mother Goose
The Mother Popcorn
The Mountain Stomp
The Mouse
The Mozart Stomp
The Mule
The Mumble Shing A Ling
The Munch

The Napoleon
The Nick Nack Hully Gully
The Night Stomp
The Nitty Gritty
The Nitty Gritty Monster Mash

The Olympic Shuffle
The Oobie Doobie
The Ooh Poo Pah Doo
The Op
The Ops and Ops
The Ostrich

The Pachanga
The Pass the Bug
The Pata Pata
The Pearl
The Penguin
The Peppermint Twist
The Peter Gunn

The Peyton Place After Midnight
The Philip Blues
The Philly
The Philly Dog
The Philly Freeze
The Philly Horse
The Philly Jerk
The Philly Walk
The Pogo
The Pokey Rock
The Polka
The Polly Wolly
The Pony
The Pony Horse
The Pony Rock
The Pony Tail
The Pony Walk
The Popcorn
The Popcorn Poppin'
The Popeye
The Popeye Line
The Popeye Shimmy
The Popeye Stroll
The Popeye Waddle
The Potato Mash
The Prance
The Pretzel (dance parody)
The Push
The Push And Pull
The Pyramids Stomp

The Ray Charles-Ton
The Razzle Dazzle

The Rebel Walk
The Reel
The Rendezvous Stomp
The Rhumba Boogie
The Rib
The Rifle
The Roach
The Robbie
The Rock
The Rock And Roll
The Rock-Steady
The Roller
The Roman
The Romp
The Rooster Walk
The Rosko
The Rosy
The Royal Whirl
The Rubberneck (Rubberneckin')
The Rush Hour Stomp

The Scotch
The Scrape
The Scratch
The Scratchin'
The Screw
The Scrogg
The Scrub the Duba
The Scrubs
The Scrumble
The Seaside
The Seesaw
The Shag
The Shaggy Dog
The Shake
The Shake-A-Poo-Poo
The Shake A Tail Feather
The Shake And Shingaling
The Shake And Stomp
The Shake Around
The Shake Rattle Snake
The Shake Shout and Soul
The Shake Your Moneymaker
The Shaky Bird
The Shampoo
The Shang Shang
The Shift
The Shilly Dilly
The Shimmy
The Shimmy Watusi
The Shing-A-Ling
The Shing-A-Ling-A-Loo
The Shing-A-Ling Stroll
The Shoddy Shoddy
The Shotgun
The Shotgun Boogie
The Shotish
The Shout
The Shovel
The Shuffle
The Sightseein'
The Simon Says
The Sissy
The Sissy Strut
The Sit Down Dance
The Sizzle
The Ska
The Ska Riding
The Ska Rowing
The Skate
The Skate Boogaloo
The Skin
The Skip
The Slauson
The Slide
The Slime
The Slingshot
The Slip And Slide
The Slop
The Slop And Slide
The Slop Around
The Sloppy-Twist-A-Fish
The Slosh
The Slow Dance
The Slow Fizz
The Slow Jerk
The Slow Locomotion
The Slurp
The Smashed Potato

The Smock
The Snacky Poo
The Snake
The Snake Hips
The Snake Walk
The Sosh
The Soul Bop
The Soul Clap
The Soul Finger
The Soul Stomp
The Soul Twine
The Soulful Jerk
The Spanish Strut

The Spanns Stomp
The Spider Walk
The Spin
The Splib
The Split

The Squat and Squirm
The Stereo Freeze
The Steve Allen
The Stomp
The Stop
The Stop Touch
The Strand
The Stretch
The Stroke
The Stroll
The Strut
The Struttin'
The Stupidity
The Sulli Gulli
The Surf
The Surfer Boogie
The Surfer Stomp
The Surfin' Bird
The Surfink
The Suzie
The Sway
The Swim
The Swing
The Swish Fish
The Switch
The Switch-A-Roo
The Switchy Walk

The Table Talk
The Tamoure
The Tango
The Tantrum
The Tarzan's Monkey
The Teenagers Waltz
The Temptation Walk
The Thaxton
The Thing
The Tiger
The Tiger Walk
The Tighten Up
The Tip Toe
The Train Stomp
The Trot
The Truck and Trailer
The Tumbleweed
The Turkey Trot
The Twine
The Twine Time
The Twirl
The Twist
The Twist And Freeze
The Twist And Limbo
The Twitch
The Two-Step

The Ubangi Stomp
The Uncle Willie
The Underdog Backstreet
The Underwater
The Unwind Twine

The Wa-Wabble
The Waddle
The Wah-Watusi
The Wak-A-Cha
The Walk
The Wallop
The War Canoe
The Wash
The Watusi
The Watusi Wussi''Wo
The Weasel
The Wedge
The Werewolf Watusi
The Whammy
The Whatchama Call It
The Wheel
The Whip
The Whiplash
The Whirl
The Whisk
The Whiz Wosh
The Whoopee (Whoopie)
The Wibble
The Wiggle
The Wiggle Wobble
The Wild Stomp
The Wild Weekend
The Wa Wabble
The Wobble
The Wobble Drum
The Wobble Lou
The Worm
The Wrangler Stretch

The Wrench

The (La) Yenka
The Yolk
The Yo-Yo
The Yuletide Jerk

The Zig Zag
The Zizzle
The Zonk
The Zulu Stamp

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