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Sixties Fashion and Design
Sixties Fashion and Design   Sixties Fashion and Design

Alice Boots
'Geometric 1' by Verner Panton
'Spacewalk' by Sue Thatcher for Warner Fabrics
Fabric print designs by Zandra Rhodes
Yves Saint Laurent mini dresses
Cosak material design 1967
Suit by 'Smart Miss' and mini by Marks & Spencer
'Bazaar' mini dress and designs by Mary Quant
'British Breakfast' from Kings Rd 'Mr. Freedom'
Dress: 'Twiggy' range by Pam Proctor & Paul Babb
Ginger Group dresses
'Biba' cotton mini dress and shirt
Dress by Foale & Tuffin
Paper Dresses
Op-Art one piece bathing suit
'Galleria' by Barbara Brown for Heals
Emilio Pucci Half Slip, for Formfit Rogers
Thea Porter dresses 1969
Twiggy 'Trimfit', Ballito 'Beatles' and Quant tights
Courreges mini dresses
Mary Quant boots
Paco Rabanne leather and metal dress
Quant platform shoes 1967
'Signpost' and 'Project'by Peter McCulloch for Heals
German mini skirts

Cut-away one piece bathing suit
Pierre Cardin fashions 1968
Mary Quant natural Hessian, acrylic pinafore, 1965
Jacket from George Best's Manchester 'Edwardia' boutique
Peggy Moffit in Rudy Gernreich 'ad' clothing
Paco Rabanne 'metal plate' mini dress
Campbell's soup pop art paper dress
'Flexees' Tricel foundation
Young mod clothing - 'Townman' mag 1962
Mary Quant 'nylon' bra and pantie set
Yves Saint Laurent 'classic' mini dress 1965
'Beatles' hair spray
'Applejacks shirt' advert
Mens Jackets - Sixties
Wigs - Welwyn Department Store 1960
'Donovan white hat' advert
Cathy McGowan's makeup 'survival' kit and catalogue
False eyelashes - various makes
'Peek-A-Boys' sunglasses advert
Mary Quant makeup and bag
Twiggy in Quant knitted suit
Courreges 'Hullabaloo' boots
Fiorucci jeans - late Sixties
Biba dress advert 1965

Ossie Clark 'Lamborghini' suit 1968 'Beatle' boots and advert
Mary Quant 'signature' silk scarf Chelsea mini 1967
PVC raincoats - London 1966 'Cocktail' mini dresses
Courreges 'space age' fashions 1969 Lurex and chain trouser suit
Sixties style op-art mini dress Pinafore dresses
Quant 'Christopher Robin' PVC raincoat 1963 Paper clothing - T shirt mini 1966-68
'Beatle' boots Twiggy in A-line dress
Sears Fashion Catalogue 1964 Hippie-style maxi evening dresses
Sears Fashion Catalogue 1966 John Anthony's mod haircut
Sears Fashion Catalogue 1967 Ossie Clark floating gown
Sears Fashion Catalogue 1968 Quant Afoot 1967
1969 wigs Ginger Group 1963
Raver's Map of London Op Art Dress

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