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Production Number 16bSeason One
Original Airdate 24/11//66

Written by Gene Roddenberry
Directed by Marc Daniels

Miss Piper
Julie Parrish

Lt. Hansen
Hagan Beggs

Chief Humbolt
George Sawaya

Captain Christopher Pike
Jeffrey Hunter / Sean Kenney

Number One
Majel Barrett

Dr. Phillip Boyce
John Hoyt

Yeoman Colt
Laurel Goodwin

Commodore Jose Mendez
Malachi Throne

Jose Tyler
Peter Duryea

The Keeper
Meg Wyllie

Voice of The Keeper
Malachi Throne

Dr. Theodore Haskins
Lon Lormer


Susan Oliver

Chief Petty Officer Garrison
Adam Roarke


Captain Kirk succeeds in persuading Commodore Mendez and Starfleet to reconvene Spock's court martial and they continue to watch the transmissions, with the Enterprise still locked on course for Talos IV. The images play through the Rigel VII mission illusion, then halts of its own accord in order to allow Christopher Pike to take some rest.

Spock informs Mendez and James Kirk that the Talosians want Pike to return but is unable to provide them with an explanation. The Enterprise speeds on through space towards the forbidden planet and, as it makes its final approach, the court martial begins again.

The final sequences of the transmission are seen in which the Talosians capture two female Enterprise crew members in order to get the captives to breed but Pike manages to acquire a weapon and escapes. The transmission ceases abruptly and, with no further evidence offered, Mendez asks for a verdict. Not having received any real explanation for Spock's actions, Kirk, Mendez and Pike have no option but to return a verdict of guilty.

At that point the transmission recommences, showing Pike and the female crew reaching the surface of the planet. The Talosians consider the humans to be too volatile and dangerous a species so allow them to go free. Vina, who was horribly mutilated in a crash, chooses to stay with them so their telepathic illusions can continue to give her a 'normal' life.

On board the Enterprise 'Commodore Mendez' disappears, being only one of the Talosians' illusions and placed there merely to keep Captain Kirk otherwise occupied. The Talosians offer to help Pike in the same way as Vina. He agrees and ia transported down to the planet where Kirk and Spock see, on the viewscreen, that he is reunited as his youthful, fit self with a beautiful Vina.

Starfleet have been monitoring the proceedings and, after considering the facts, agree to dismiss charges against Kirk and Spock despite the strictness of General Order Seven.



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