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Clint Hough - Sixties City

Welcome to Sixties City - it's great to see you here and I do hope you enjoy your visit!
Updated Saturday 17th October 2020
Thanks for visiting! If you've been here before, please refresh the page, and thanks to all of you who have mailed me with questions, comments, information and your own personal memories. I've now been fiddling about with the content for nearly 30 years and, although I'm finding less time to create major new items, they will rock up now and then as there are still a few things I'm working on. Of course, I'll keep adding and updating content on a regular basis and there will occasionally be new articles and contributions generously provided by Bill Harry and others so, if you have any interesting or unique memories, pictures or anecdotes from the Sixties, please get in touch and maybe we can share and re-live them here at Sixties City! There are well over 500 pages of great 60s-related information, sounds and images, including many unique articles and graphics, so you should be able to find something of interest. Also, you won't find it filled with adverts as it is a non-profit hobby, not a business, although there may be the odd one or two to help cover maintenance costs (feel free to enquire). Do please note that the pages appearing at the old '.com' location are completely unrelated to this site and I cannot hold any responsibility for any content or links used there. Best wishes always,
  Clint Hough

The Pop Television pages have now been updated and greatly enlarged with additional entries, information and images. Please note that updates have been suspended to the What's On pages with the uncertainty of availability of events due to the virus epidemic. The site links are still available and it is recommended that you visit the individual sites for the latest information on any current events should you be considering venturing out. If you do, please keep yourself and others safe in line with government guidelines and local requirements.

Sixties Bill Harry
Presented here, in his own words, is the definitive story of one of the Sixties' seminal music papers - a fascinating and unique personal insight into the early days of the 'British Beat Boom'. Bill Harry was the original founder of the Liverpool music paper that chronicled the groups and venues responsible for the 'Mersey Sound', the publication that was to give its name to the Sixties phenomenon that has since become almost universally known as Merseybeat.

These pages feature over 210 articles from the personal pen of Bill Harry, providing his unique and informative view on many and varied aspects of Sixties events, personalities, music and culture, and personal interviews with the stars.

Sixties Events, Sport and Trivia
Alan 'Fluff' Freeman

As always, if you find any incorrect details (hopefully few) or can provide new or further information, I'd love to hear from you!    
I still need information and answers to questions on various Sixties items : CAN YOU HELP ????
Sixties City
  Looking for something specific? Try searching Sixties City with this Google facility if you can't find what you want from the main menu. There are a great many items in here that I just didn't have room to list!

Sixties City
Sixties City Jukebox
My 'Top 300' records of the British record charts of the 1960s - and a few 'bonus' tracks that didn't appear in the UK pop charts for whatever reason.
Records here reflect my own personal choice, either through being Sixties icons, innovative, quirky,
sounds I love or just records that hold a special memory for me and maybe you too. Listen and enjoy.

Carnaby Street and King's Road Carnaby Street, Soho and the Kings Road - history, information and Sixties location maps unique to this site
New enlarged maps and updated information, with dozens of new images.
Did you ever visit, or live in or near, Soho or Chelsea in the Sixties? Or maybe you just wonder what it was like back then? Revisit and refresh some old memories - these graphical maps of Sixties Carnaby Street and the Kings Road will take you back in time. There are hundreds of images of people and locations, plus information about the boutiques, cafes, clubs and other establishments with unique maps showing you where they were. There is also a bit of history thrown in about the Soho and Chelsea areas for good measure - it's amazing what you don't know! The Kings Road and Carnaby Street maps, which have taken many years to research, have now been enlarged for easier viewing and are fairly frequently updated with dozens of new locations and images added, often with information from you!

Let's Stomp Peter Checksfield New Book Releases 2020 - by Peter Checksfield
Let's Stomp! - Another great and heavily researched book by Peter Checksfield to go with the titles already in his 'stable' for those of you who love pop history, facts and trivia. Rock n Roll, Rhythm n Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk, Blues, Pop, Soul, Girl Groups, Musicals... these are just some of the American music genres that inspired The Brits, who ultimately would come up with many new musical genres of their own. Covering the dozen or so years from the dawn of Rock n Roll & Skiffle in 1954 to the decline of the Beat Groups in 1967, and featuring over 2000 songs and 1500 different artists, this book really is the ultimate guide to the music that changed the world.

Untamed Youth! - There have been many publications on Rock and Pop Movies, but these are inevitably more about the movies than the actual music. This book eschews in-depth analysis and reviews, and instead concentrates solely on the artists featured and the songs performed. Featuring a staggering 700 black & white screenshots, and detailing appearances by over 400 British and American artists in more than 300 movies, this really is The Ultimate Visual Guide to 50s & 60s Rock & Pop at The Movies!
Untamed Youth! by Peter Checksfield

Sixties City Live Music
Current live Sixties-related events near you
Sixties Swashbucklers
Swashbucklers! Knights, outlaws, pirates, myths and legends. Images, information, links, cast and episode lists from those great historical action / adventure television series, many of which were made during the Fifties but were still being broadcast during the Sixties and were a staple diet of our childhood television viewing. Robin Hood, William Tell, Ivanhoe, Sir Francis Drake, Sir Lancelot, The Buccaneer, Richard the Lionheart and many more.
Sixties City
All the fashion, fads and trends of 1963
Sixties Girl - Sixties City

The Rise and Fall of the Famous Funny Fools
The Rise of The Funny Fools - the true story of a real pop group formed in 1960s Hungary


Diana Rigg

Sixties Internet Radio Sixties Star Trek Sixties Music Charts Sixties fashion Sixties Transport and Vehicles
Sixties Television British Stamps - Sixties Pirate Radio 1960s Sixties Retail 60s Youth Culture - Mods and Rockers
Pop Films Sixties 1960s Magazines and newspapers Sixties Toys and Household 1960s Sixties Dance Crazes

Sixties City Trivia and Quizzes
Sixties pop chart statistics, lists, music trivia and a collection of general Sixties quizzes and games to amuse yourselves with. Who was the most successful chart artist of the Sixties? Who were The Mars Bars? What was the first music played on Radio 1? (not 'Flowers In The Rain'!)?
The general 'Sixties' quizzes have quite wide-ranging subject matter - I hope you find them interesting and informative. The 380+ questions are of varying difficulty - easy enough if you know the answers, but there may be a few teasers here to test you.
lll Obituaries

Just some of
the notable or
famous 60s / 70s

people who have
recently left us

(Wikipedia list
of recent deaths)
Johnny Nash

   In memory of . . .
Dave MundenAldo BrovaroneBrian LockingJohnny Nash
Margaret Nolan
Frank WindsorHelen ReddyJackie Dennis
Jimmy Winston
Corine RottschaferTommy DeVitoKen Blaiklock
Lee KerslakeRuth Bader GinsburgRoy C.Terence Conran
Diana Rigg
David BryantPete WayTrini LopezWayne Fontana
Jan Savage
Reni SantoniStan MellorSydney Lotterby
Olivia de Havilland
Peter GreenJohn SaxonJudy Dyble
Jack CharltonEnnio Morricone, Earl Cameron, Max Crook
Linda Cristal
, Arnie GinsburgJoe Sinnott, Ian HolmVera Lynn, Charles Webb, Ricky ValanceDennis O'NeilBonnie Pointer
Steve Priest
, Brendan BowyerGlyn PardoeAl Rex, Phil May
Astrid KirchherrLittle RichardMark BarkanMillie Small
Don Shula
Bob LanderJanis Lusis Bobby LewisLiz Edgar


Sixties City

Reading Material

Information about new and older publications and currently available Sixties-related books and magazines - factual, fiction and reference.

    Can you help with any of these enquiries?

The TILES underground nightclub opened in Oxford Street in March 1966. Appearing were The Animals and other groups. I have been contacted by a reader who has unique negatives and stills of the club's opening night but we have a bit of a mystery..... Do you know who this group was that performed on the opening night? Click on the image for a larger picture.

Bruce Cherry is currently working on a biography with Zoot Money and would love to hear from anyone with anecdotes or attended one of their 'Big Roll Band' gigs during the Sixties. If you can help, please send Bruce an e-mail..

Sixties City Sixties City DelReal Drawing
This drawing was done in 1961by artist Rafael DelReal on the back of 'Le Condor' headed paper, presumably in the club itself at Wardour Street.
Do you have any information regarding the artist, event or subjects?
Sixties City

Park Walk Garage - Kings Rd
Any information on Park Walk Garage? It can be seen in the reflection of this window (see reverse larger image) and appears to be in the block numbered 418 to 424 from the elaborate doorway to the right in the refelection?

Sixties City
Mobile Boutique?
Looks like an old London double-decker bus was used as a 'mobile boutique' called 'Birds Paradise' London W1. Also in the window at the top is 'London Bus Shop'. Does anyone have any information regarding this unusual venture?
Registration OLD 620

Sixties City Does anyone have, or know the location of, a recording of 'On The Street Where You Live' by the Dave Macey Orchestra? It was the theme used by Dennis Straney on pirate Radio 270.
Does anyone have any images of a skiffle group called Darktown that played the Liverpool Empire and other well-known venues?
Does anyone know anything about a Sixties cafe/restaurant called 'The Spot' - possibly near Dovehouse Green in the Kings Road?

I'm still looking for photos of the old Colney Heath JMI school before its demolition. I attended there approx 1960 - 1967. Brilliant headmaster Tom Hodges.

Sixties City Kings Road - Joseph at Salon 33 Joseph Ettedgui moved from Casablanca to London with his brother Maurice in 1960 to train as a hairdresser. In 1962 they opened a hairdressing salon (Salon 33) in King's Road and their brother Franklin joined them in 1964. Any other information, particularly on exact opening date or who owns the rights to the image shown?   Sixties City Kings Road - Chelsea Pet Stores
Probably situated on the site now occupied by Atlantic Court / Marks & Spencer. I'd be grateful for any information. A wider view of the road is available by clicking on the image.
  Sixties City Guy Boutique
Maybe Sixties? Maybe Kings Road? Any information at all on
this establishment would be appreciated. Someone must have shopped there?

Artistes appearing at Soho Clubs in the Sixties
Nick is trying to build a daily 'diary' of groups and artistes who appeared at various London / Soho club venues, specifically Bag O'Nails, Speakeasy, Revolution, Hatchetts, Blaises, Scotch of St James. Sibylla's and The Cromwellian. If you are able to supply any names with appearance dates to add to his compilation mail me and I will be happy to pass them on.
Sixties City

Another Art Mystery
The two images on the right (enlargeable) are silk screens purchased from an art gallery in the Kings Road in the 60s. The owner cannot recall the artist or the gallery. If you can help, or advise, please mail me with any information.
Sixties City   Sixties City Did you work in The Casserole in the Kings Road in the Sixties?
Yoshihisa Ito worked there during his stay in London, around 1966 and is looking for information about one of his colleagues called Carlos, a Spanish guy from Madrid. They were really good friends and they spent a great time together, working and enjoying London during that time. Also pictured is 'Amelia'. Can you help? If so, please
mail me
Sixties City  Sixties City Kings Road and Carnaby Street
Do you have any information on the occupants of the various premises in these locations during the Sixties?
Please check out the street maps and, if you can help, or have images, do mail me

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