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Updated 18th April 2017
Welcome to Sixties City - I hope you enjoy your visit!
Sixties City is now a '.net' instead of a '.com' but still has well over 500 pages of great 60s information, sounds and images - not bad for a pastime! Please note that the pages now appearing at the old '' address are completely unrelated to this site and I cannot hold responsibility for any content or links used there, so please update any site references in your pages and search links - just change '.com' to '.net' - the page names remain the same. Thanks so much to all of you who have visited or mailed me with questions, information and your own personal memories. Although I'm now finding less time to create major items, I'll keep adding new bits here and there and, of course, new articles from Bill Harry and contributions from other generous people such as Danny, Denver and Glenn. Do you have any interesting or unique memories, pictures or anecdotes from the Sixties? Get in touch with me and we can share and re-live them on Sixties City! Best wishes always,

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Bill Harry's Sixties - Sixties City Presented here, in his own words, is the definitive story of one of the Sixties' seminal music papers - a fascinating and unique personal insight into the early days of the 'British Beat Boom'. Bill Harry was the original founder of the Liverpool music paper that chronicled the groups and venues responsible for the 'Mersey Sound', the publication that was to give its name to the Sixties phenomenon that has since become almost universally known as Merseybeat. These pages feature over 180 articles from the pen of Bill Harry, providing his unique and informative view on many and varied aspects of Sixties events, personalities, music and culture.         new articles 6th April 2017

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All the Fashions and Trends for 1963  

In memory ....
of significant or notable Sixties people who have recently left us
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James Rosenquist

Alex Young, David Perry, Bruce Langhorne, Lady Hambro, Aloysius 'Lucky' Gordon, David Peel, Brian Matthew, James Rosenquist, Clem Curtis, David Storey,
Alessandro Alessandroni, Pete Shotton, Allan Weiss, Ronnie Moran, Chuck Berry, Lawrence Montaigne,  John Surtees, Ann Beach, Fred Weintraub, 
Tommy Gemmell, John Hampshire, Ric Marlow, Irvine Sellar, Gerald Kaufman, Derek Ibbotson, Peter Skellern, Bobby Murdoch, Al Jarreau,
Petrus Johannes "Piet" Keizer, Timothy Behrens, Alan Simpson, Stanley Kallis, David Rose, Hal Geer, Tam Dalyell, Mike Connors, Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt

Sixties Childhood Memories60s Childhood Memories Hide and seek in the park, the corner shop and 4-a-penny chews. Hopscotch, jacks, skipping,
marbles, handstands and football with an old can. Love letters, conker fights, kiss chase,
home made kites, bows and arrows, hula hoops, swapping scraps and tea cards. Jumping the
stream, rope swings, building dams, collecting birds eggs, bubble gum cards and returnable bottles
from ditches... come down memory lane for a light-hearted visit to some of those wonderful
Sixties Childhood Memories...       Also, now see some Readers' Sixties Memories & Anecdotes
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The Post Office and every Sixties Stamp Issue

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Star Trek - The Original Series
Information for Every Episode
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Pop and Youth Culture Movies,
Elvis Films, The Beach Movies
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The British Music Charts
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