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Clint Hough - Sixties City Come on in! It's great to see you here at Sixties City and I do hope you enjoy your visit!     Last updated Wednesday 22nd November 2023

Thanks for visiting! If you've been here before, please refresh the page, and thanks to all of you who have mailed me with questions, comments, information and your own personal memories. I've been adding to the content for over 30 years and am currently revisiting links and information on the existing pages, updating and progressing a few other things I've been working on.
Of course, I'll keep adding and updating content on a regular basis and there will occasionally be new articles and contributions, in a kind of 'magazine' format, generously provided by Bill Harry and others. Also, you won't find it filled with adverts as it is a non-profit hobby, not a business, although there may be the odd one or two adverts to help cover maintenance costs.
As always, if you find any incorrect details (hopefully few) or can provide new or further information, I'd love to hear from you!
Also, please have a look at these help requests and queries as I still need information on various Sixties subjects - please get in touch if you can help?

Do please note that any pages at the old '.com' location are now completely unrelated to this site and I cannot hold any responsibility for any content or links used there. The pages, for the most part, are best viewed at 2560 x 1440 resolution. Best regards always,
Clint Hough

There are well over 500 pages of great
60s-related information, sounds and images, including many unique articles and graphics, so you should be able to find something of interest to you, whether you are researching the decade or simply reviving old memories. There are some links to areas of general interest further down this page, but if you want something more specific,
Click the image for a more definitive menu.
  Sixties Bill Harry Presented here, in his own words, is the definitive story of one of the Sixties' seminal music papers - a fascinating and unique personal insight into the early days of the 'British Beat Boom'. Bill Harry was the original founder of the Liverpool music paper that chronicled the groups and venues responsible for the 'Mersey Sound', the publication that was to give its name to the Sixties phenomenon that has since become almost universally known as Merseybeat.

These pages feature
over 230 articles from the personal pen of Bill Harry, providing his unique and informative view on many and varied aspects of Sixties events, personalities, music and culture, and personal interviews with the stars. New articles added September 2023

Carnaby Street and King's Road Carnaby Street, Soho and the Kings Road - history, information and Sixties location maps unique to this site
New enlarged maps and updated information, with dozens of new images.
Did you ever visit, or live in or near, Soho or Chelsea in the Sixties? Or maybe you just wonder what it was like back then? Revisit and refresh some old memories - these graphical maps of Sixties Carnaby Street and the Kings Road will take you back in time. There are hundreds of images of people and locations, plus information about the boutiques, cafes, clubs and other establishments with unique maps showing you where they were. There is also a bit of history thrown in about the Soho and Chelsea areas for good measure - it's amazing what you don't know! The Kings Road and Carnaby Street maps, which have taken many years to research, have now been enlarged for easier viewing and are fairly frequently updated with dozens of new locations and images added, often with information from you!

Sixties Events, Sport and Trivia
Also: The Spurs Double, The 1966 World Cup and EVERY match played at Wembley
Sixties City
Alan 'Fluff' Freeman Sixties City Jukebox
My 'Top 300' records of the British record charts of the 1960s - and a few 'bonus' tracks that didn't appear in the UK pop charts for whatever reason.
Records here reflect my own personal choice, either through being Sixties icons, innovative, quirky,
sounds I love or just records that hold a special memory for me and maybe you too. Currently updating the links.
Sixties City

Just some of
the interesting, notable or famous 60s / 70s
who have
recently left us

(Wikipedia list
of recent deaths)

Mark Goddard     Bobby Charlton     Valentina Ponomaryova     Rudolph Isley
kk    In memory of . . .
Joss AcklandValentina PonomaryovaFrank BormanTrevor Hill
Richard Roundtree
Bishan Singh BediSir Bobby Charlton
Piper Laurie
Rudolph IsleyMark GoddardRitchie Routledge
Francis Lee
Joy WebbPat ArrowsmithMichael Gambon
Michael Bonallack
Perrie MansDavid McCallum, Jean Boht,
Katherine Anderson
Hollis Watkins,
 Roger WhittakerMike Yarwood
Edward Hide
Marc BohanLarry ChanceGayle Hunnicutt
Bob FeldmanRay HildebrandJerry MossSir Michael Parkinson
Robbie RobertsonJohn GoslingCarl DavisRandy Meisner
Trevor Francis
Vince HillTony BennettJane Birkin,
 Luis Suarez

TV Westerns - Sixties City New - Television Westerns
'Western' shows were already a pre-television radio phenomenon in the 40s and 50s, but really exploded onto television during the 50s and early to mid 60s. Listed here, with soundtracks and images for interest, and in no particular order (some of which you may not have seen), are many of them. They include all my favourites that bring back happy memories of 60s television viewing, both as 'children's' shows and adult evening drama or comedy.

Sixties Dance Crazes

Sixties Star Trek
Sixties Music Charts
Sixties fashion
Sixties Transport and Vehicles
Sixties Television

British Stamps - Sixties
Pirate Radio 1960s
Sixties Retail
60s Youth Culture - Mods and Rockers
Pop Films Sixties

1960s Magazines and newspapers
Sixties Toys and Household
Sixties City Live Music

Sixties Internet Radio
Sixties City

New Book Release (21st September 2023)
A Very British Revolution
Amirreza Tayebi

Revolutionary Swinging London Era The Swinging Sixties in London was a vibrant and transformative cultural era that left an indelible mark on film, music, fashion, and art. This revolutionary period, spanning roughly from the mid-1960s to early 1970s, was characterized by an explosion of creativity, social change, and youth-driven rebellion. In film, iconic works like "A Hard Day's Night" captured the spirit of the era with the rise of the Beatles and their influence on pop culture. The films of directors like Richard Lester showcased the energetic and irreverent attitudes of the youth. Music played a pivotal role as well, with the British Invasion bands like the Rolling Stones and The Who becoming global sensations. Fashion became a powerful vehicle for self-expression, as designers like Mary Quant introduced bold, mod-inspired clothing that defied tradition. The miniskirt became a symbol of female empowerment, while men embraced tailored suits with flamboyant twists. This spirit of innovation extended to art too, with the emergence of pop art led by figures like David Hockney and Peter Blake, who celebrated consumer culture and mass media through their work. 'A Very British Revolution', explores in essence the Swinging Sixties in London was a kaleidoscopic burst of color, sound, and rebellion. It ushered in a new era of youth culture that continues to inspire and influence artistic expression to this day.

Sixties City

New Book Release (20th July 2023)
The Searchers - Crazy Dreams! Every Song From Every Session, 1963 - 2023!
Peter Checksfield
" An amazing Searchers recording log!Ē - Mike Pender MBE
Liverpool has always been a hotbed of musical talent, but it will always be remembered the most for that musical explosion of the Ď60s, when, for one brief moment, the city was the cultural centre of the universe, with artists that include The Beatles, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Billy J. Kramer, Cilla Black, The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Merseybeats, The Fourmost, and of course The Searchers. Famous for their pioneering brand of jangly, harmonised Pop, they proved to be one of the most influential groups of all, yet, theyíre also one of the most eclectic, with a musical legacy that encompasses Folk, Country, Rhythm Ďní Blues, Rockabilly, Soul, Garage, Psychedelia, Bubblegum, Proto-Glam, Reggae, Country-Rock, Orchestrated Ballads, Power Pop, New Wave, and even Power Ballads and Synth-Pop. Profiling demos, singles, album tracks, live recordings, outtakes, radio broadcasts, solo projects and more, and with a foreword by Mike Pender MBE, 'The Searchers - Crazy Dreams!: Every Song from Every Session, 1963-2023' is the ultimate guide to their extraordinary 60 year career.

    Can you help with any of these enquiries?

Sixties City
Colney Heath Junior School staff mid 60s
I'm still looking for photos of the
old Colney Heath JMI School
before its demolition? I attended
there approx 1960 - 1967.
Mid-60s staff picture above
Kings Road & Carnaby Street
Do you have any information on the occupants of the
various premises in these locations during the Sixties? Or do you have any reminiscences of the places and times?

Please check out the street maps and, if you can help, or have images, do mail me
Tremeloes Book - Help Required
Music historian and author Peter Checksfield (see Books)
is currently writing a book on The Tremeloes, the format of which will be very similar to his recent book on
The Searchers. Several ex-band members are assisting
him, but he is currently searching for any previously unpublished photos.

The Tremeloes
Johnny Byrne - Poet and Writer
Andy Soloman asks: My father was Johnny Byrne, he of the poetry set, Groupie and lots of other stuff. Sadly he died in 2008. I am trying to piece together his Liverpool and subsequent 1960s poetry, writing and rockíníroll years leading up to the publication of Groupie and soon after. I know he lived in Gambier Terrace below John Lennon, and my mother was certainly friends with The Beatles and The Hurricanes, as well as the poets and artists. Other elements that Iím keen to find out more about would be Poison Bellows which he performed as with Spike Hawkins, and his involvement with The Kinks and The Who. Iím keen to meet people who would have known him at that time. If you can help, mail me
Johnny Byrne

Does anyone have:

Images of a skiffle group called Darktown that played the Liverpool Empire and other well-known venues?
Information about a Sixties cafe/restaurant called 'The Spot' - possibly near Dovehouse Green in the Kings Road?
Information about a clothes fashion shop called Susan Rogers in London W.!. ?
Information about
a London bus that was used as a 'mobile boutique' called 'Birds Paradise' - Registration OLD 620?
Information about Chelsea Pet Stores in the Kings Road during the Sixties? Possibly on the M&S site.
Information about Joseph at Salon 33 at 33 Kings Road, particularlythe exact opening date?
Theme music for the TV Westerns 'Frontier Justice', 'Jefferson Drum', 'Pony Express' or 'Wrangler'?
information on Park Walk Garage in the Kings Road? Possibly at 418 to 424.

Orphan Pages on Other Websites
It saddens me that many interesting sites and web pages I have come across with unique information and images come and go with such frequency, disappearing into the sunset without trace. Many of these are put up on .edu sites by
students and are apparently 'wiped' when the student leaves.
If you have such a site / page, or are intending to discontinue your pages for whatever reason, please get in touch! I am more than happy to import such information into
Sixties City so that others may continue to enjoy the content and information and, if you like, full credit will be given to the original constructor / owner for posterity. Thanks!

Sixties Girl - Sixties City
The Rise and Fall of the Famous Funny Fools
The Rise of The Funny Fools - the true story
of a real pop group formed in 1960s Hungary


The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Diana Rigg
The Ikettes

Sixties City
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