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"For in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet, we all breathe the same air, we all cherish our children's futures, and we are all mortal"    John F. Kennedy, speech at The American University, Washington, D.C., June 10th, 1963

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    The stories that hit the headlines, plus current affairs, cultural events, news and entertainment trivia and sporting achievements.
    A wide variety of Sixties events by year, month and date with some images of the personalities and most memorable moments of the decade.
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On This Day - Searchable BBC Website

On This Day
1950 - 2005
BBC Website Searchable by date
Sixties Sporting Champions
Sixties Sport
A listing of sporting achievements,
champions and
competition results,
by year

Sixties Inventions and Innovations
Innovations and
Discoveries made
during the 1960s
Pre-Decimal Money
Pre-Decimal Money Remember half crowns, ten bob notes, florins, shillings and threepenny bits?
Spurs - 1961 League and Cup Double Winners

Double Winners!
The story of the historic 1961
Tottenham Hotspur League and F.A.Cup winning season
Woodstock 1969
The 1969 Festival
and the Summer of Love
Wembley Football Matches and Results
The result of every
official football game played in the spiritual home of football, the original Wembley Stadium, 1923 - 2000
England's 1966 World Cup Victory
World Champions!
The story of the
amazing 1966
World Cup tournament and
English football's finest hour
Sixties Transport and Events

Transport & Events
Trains, boats, planes, buses, motorcycles, scooters, cars - 60s transport industry and events
Printed Media and industry events
Printed Media
60s magazines, books, adverts, newspapers and printing industry events
60s TV history and events
Television History
Broadcasting, TV stations, history and industry events
(and, of course, the programmes!)
radio history and the pop pirates offshore broadcasting events
Offshore Radio and the Pop Pirates
The history of the pop pirates and other 60s radio industry and broadcasting events
UK Public General Acts
More than 200 significant legislative acts were passed during the decade and can be viewed at the UK government website
  The UK National Archives
A wide selection of downloadable documents, transcripts and newspaper articles at the National Archives website

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