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The Benny Hill Show
The Benny Hill Show was a rather generic television programme starring the comedian Benny Hill. It was produced by Thames Television from 1969 to 1989 and broadcast in over 140 countries. Previous versions and series of the show had aired on BBC Television from 1955 to 1968, and on ATV Associated Television from 1957 to 1960 plus a one-off TV special in 1967.
'The Wishing Well' sketch - video clip
BBC2 1969
13 x 50 minute documentary programmes presented by Sir Kenneth Clark which charted the events and ideologies from the fall of the Greek and Roman empires which led to current 20th century Western civilisation. The series, which took two years to make in 13 different countries, was produced by Peter Montagnon and Michael Gill
Big Breadwinner Hog
The superb Peter Egan played the title role in this London gangland underworld series noted for its unprecedented violence. This led to many viewer complaints, even after the first episode, which is probably the reason why the otherwise brilliant series was so short lived. Ruthlessly ambitious, long-haired and flash, Hog was the nemesis of the old-style London gangs as well as the police. Robin Chapman produced and wrote the 8 x 60 minute episodes with Mike Newell and Michael Apted directing Counterstrike
BBC1 1969
A science fiction series created by Tony Williamson featuring Jon Finch as Simon King. After an alien invasion of Earth by the Centaurans, King is sent along by the Intergalactic Council as an undercover agent to help us fight the alien menace. He is assisted in his mission by a doctor called Mary (played by Sarah Brackett) after she discovers his true origin. Although 10 x 50 minute episodes were made, produced by Patrick Alexander, only 9 were actually transmitted. The episode postponed due to other broadcasting needs was never rescheduled
Curry and Chips
LWT 1969
Extremely controversial for its time, written by who else but Johnny Speight, this sitcom series tried to deal with racial and class hatred and bigotry in a light-hearted manner, not always successfully. Produced and Directed by Keith Beckett, the 6 x 30 minute episodes featured Eric Sykes as the liberal, somewhat confused factory foreman who suddenly has thrust upon him a new worker in the shape of a Pakistani called Kevin O'Grady, played by the brilliant Spike Milligan Dear Mother ... Love Albert
YORKSHIRE 1970 - 1971
Northern lad moves to London and manages to scrape a living, but exaggerates his success and experiences in letters home to his mum. Rodney Bewes starred as the bemused Albert Courtnay in 19 x 30 minute episodes of this 'Billy Liar' type sitcom, with Garfield Morgan as his boss, A.C.Strain. Bewes wrote and produced with Derrick Goodwin, John Duncan also co-producing. 7 x 30 minute episodes were made by Yorkshire in 1972 of a follow-up series in the same vein simply called 'Albert!'
Department 'S'
ATV / ITC 1969
Large Colour Image
Classic action / adventure / espionage television series created by Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner. Featuring Joel Fabiani as Stewart Sullivan, Rosemary Nicols as Annabelle Hurst and, of course, Peter Wyngarde as the fashion conscious playboy, part-time writer, part-time agent Jason King. The three agents were called into action by Department 'S', an off-shoot of Interpol to deal with 'Avengers' type situations which no other official agencies could handle. Dennis Alaba Peters also featured as boss Sir Curtis Seretse in the 28 x 50 minute episodes produced by Monty Berman. Wyngarde later featured in his own series 'Jason King', also produced by Berman, for ATV/ITC 1971-72, taking the character into more of an adventurer-type role H. R. Pufnstuff
NBC 1969
Large different image

17 x 30 minute episodes featured the adventures of a young English boy Jimmy, played by Jack Wild, who was beckoned out to sea in a colorful boat bound for Living Island. The boat turned out to be a trap set by the evil Witchiepoo, who wanted to add Jimmy's flute, Freddie, to her collection of magical belongings. Jimmy narrowly escaped by jumping overboard, only to wash up on the beach of an enchanted isle. He was rescued by the local mayor, H.R. Pufnstuf, a giant orange and green cowboy / dragon and Jimmy and Freddie found themselves stranded on Living Island, where everything was alive and talked, houses had hay fever and money was measured in buttons. Brilliant stuff, produced by Sid and Marty Krofft who also made a feature film with the same cast in 1970
Doctor In The House
LWT 1969 - 1970

Large image
Hilariously funny classic comedy series brought to TV by Frank Muir of LWT in consultation with Richard Gordon, author of the original books. The stories and characters were brought bang up to date for the late Sixties, featuring Barry Evans ( Michael Upton ), George Layton (Paul Collier), Geoffrey Davies (Dick Stuart-Clark) and Robin Nedwell (Duncan Waring) as the boozy, girl chasing medical students of St.Swithins, the nemeses of Professor Loftus (played wonderfully by Ernest Clark) and The Dean (Ralph Michael). Other 'students' occasionally appearing in the series were Martin Shaw, Jonathan Lynn and Simon Cuff as well as notable appearances by the gorgeous Yutte Stensgaard as one of their girlfriends. Follow-up series from LWT included 'Doctor At Large' (1971), 'Doctor In Charge' (1972-73), 'Doctor At Sea' (1974) and 'Doctor On The Go' (1975-77) all produced by Humphrey Barclay. Series writers included Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer and Bill Oddie Monty Python's Flying Circus
Monty Python

BBC1 1969 - 1970
1972 - 1974

Cast photo

What can I say about this all-time classic series - everything the collection of comic geniuses had achieved before this paled into insignificance when compared to the utter lunacy and hilarity of this sketch-based comedy series. 45 x 30 minute episodes were made, plus five feature films on varying subjects which involved the Python team which consisted of John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin with Carol Cleveland providing the female interest. The surreal cartoon graphic comedy slots were brilliantly conceived and constructed by Terry Gilliam. Who will ever forget 'The Ministry of Silly Walks', 'The Spanish Inquisition', 'The Parrot Sketch', 'Hell's Grannies', the lumberjack song, the gumbies, twit of the year and a myriad of other comedy classics. And now for something completely different... The series was produced by John Howard Davies and Ian MacNaughton from an original concept created by Barry Took
Fraud Squad
ATV 1969 - 1970

26 x 60 minute episodes created by Ivor Jay and produced by Nicholas Palmer showcased the crimebusting adventures of Detective Inspector Gamble of the Fraud Squad, played by Patrick O'Connell assisted by the waif-like Detective Sergeant Vicky Hicks in the lovely form of Joanna Van Gyseghem Holiday 69
BBC1 1969

This long-running informational travelogue and holiday programme which changed its title (Holiday 70, etc) year by year was originally presented by Cliff Michelmore who unfailingly highlighted the downside to various holiday offers and operators in a kind of 'watchdog' capacity. Covering both Winter and Summer options, this programme was the template for all similar shows which followed
YORKSHIRE 1969 - 1976

James Hadleigh, the suave, sophisticated country squire (earlier seen as the proprietor of a country newspaper for 12 x 60 minute episodes in the YTV programme 'Gazette') was played by Gerald Harper. Other members of the cast included Joyce Carey, Judy Campbell, Roland Culver and Mary Peach. The champion of the underdog was created by Robert Barr and produced by Jacky Stoller and Terence Williams Hark at Barker
LWT 1969-70
Comedy series starring the talents of Ronnie Barker, expanding on the lecherous 'Lord Rustless' character he portrayed in one of the 'Ronnie Barker Playhouse' episodes. The series, written by Peter caulfield, Bill Oddie, Chris Miller, Gerald Wiley (Barker) and Bernard McKenna, also starred Josephine Tewson (Bates, the secretary), Frank Gatliff (Badger the butler), David Jason (Dithers the gardener), Moira Foot (voluptuous maid Effie) and Mary Baxter as 'Cook'
Judge Dee
The T'ang dynasty of 7th century China was the unlikely setting for this unusual detective series which only survived for 6 of its planned 7 x 60 minute episodes. Michael Goodliffe starred in the title role as a travelling judge, jury and sometime private detective assisted by Garfield Morgan, Norman Scace, Arne Gordon and three wives. The series was produced by Howard Baker and scripted by John Wiles from the original historically-based stories by Robert Van Gulik Me Mammy
BBC1 1969 - 1971
Not from series
19 x 30 minute episodes of this sitcom featured Milo O'Shea as an Irish lad, Bunjy Kennefick, living in London with his caustic-tongued widowed mother who was intent on protecting him from evil influences, mainly women. Produced by Sydney Lotterby and James Gilbert, the series script was written by Hugh Leonard. Other main characters were played by Anna Manahan (mammy), Yootha Joyce (his girlfriend Miss Argyll), Ray McAnally and David Kelly
BBC1 1969 - 1984
Presented by Michael Barratt and Frank Bough, later joined by Richard Dimbleby, this popular, long-running current affairs programme which took over the early evening slot from the 'Tonight' show hardly left a subject untouched in its regular whistle-stop tour of the BBC television regions. Created by Derrick Amoore, editors of the programme included Richard Tait, John Gau, Tim Gardam, Michael Bunce, Paul Corley, Huw Williams, Ron Neil, Paul Woolwich and Roger Bolton, supported by many researchers and journalists Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)
ATV 1969 - 1970
Cast picture
Another series I loved - comedy and action/adventure rolled into one. When partner Marty Hopkirk (Kenneth Cope) is killed by a speeding car in suspicious circumstances, private investigator Jeff Randall (Mike Pratt) decides to carry on the business in partnership with Marty's wife Jean (Annette Andre). Marty refuses to stay dead and comes back to assist his former partner in the form of a white-suited ghost, invisible to everybody but Jeff, still very protective of his wife's virtue and 'cursed' to walk the earth for a hundred years! Created by Dennis Spooner, 26 x 55 minute episodes were made produced by Monty Berman. The series was also successful in America, where it was transmitted under the title 'My Partner The Ghost'
On The Buses
LWT 1969 - 1973

Large different image

On the Buses

Hilarious, ridiculous, close to the bone comedy series based at Luxton and District bus company, featuring Reg Varney as bus driver Stan Butler and Bob Grant as his conductor. Not enough that his life was plagued by Inspector Blake (brilliantly portrayed by Stephen Lewis - 'I 'ate you Butler!), his home life was equally manic, living with mother Cicely Courtenidge (later Doris Hare) along with sister Anna Karen (Olive) and brother-in law Michael Robbins (Arthur) who constantly managed to thwart his attempts to connect with the opposite sex, usually in the form of long-legged, short-skirted, large-chested clippies. 73 x 30 minute episodes were made, plus three feature films - 'On The Buses' (1971), 'Mutiny On The Buses' (1972) and 'Holiday On The Buses (1973), all produced by Hammer films. Brilliant script writers were Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney Pot Black
BBC2 1969 - 1984
Ray Reardon

Alan Weeks
Now that we've got colour TV, what do we show with it? The obvious sporting answer was snooker! BBC producer Philip Lewis devised a competition using a one-frame format and invented the title 'Pot Black'. Recording began at the BBC's studios in Birmingham and, on the 23rd July 1969, the first televised programme of Pot Black went out on BBC 2, the only television channel on which colour was available. The rest, as they say, is history. This programme alone, introduced by Alan Weeks, was responsible for the meteoric rise in popularity of the sport. The series was originally produced by Reg Perrin, David Kenning and Philip Lewis. A junior version, 'Junior Pot Black' was introduced in 1981, presented by Eamonn Holmes
Parkin's Patch
YORKSHIRE 1969 - 1970

John Flanagan played Yorkshire country policeman PC Moss Parkin in 26 x 30 minute episodes of this rural police drama series dealing with issues from sheep rustling to army deserters. Devised by Elwyn Jones, the series boasted a curiously high number of writers and directors. Also appearing in the show were Heather Page and Gareth Thomas while Terence Williams produced Paul Temple
BBC1 1969 - 1971

Originally a 30s radio serial created by Francis Durbridge, the character was brought to the small screen by Francis Matthews who played the suave novelist - amateur detective. Wife 'Steve' was played by Ros Drinkwater through 46 x 50 minute episodes produced by Peter Bryant, Alan Bromly and Derrick Sherwyn
Saturday Night Theatre
ITV 1969 - 1970

Many ITV companies contributed to this anthology of self-contained plays which included the first TV play by Colin Welland 'Bangelstein's Boys' (pictured), made by three producers of BBC's 'Wednesday Play' series (Kenith Trodd, James McTaggart and Tony Garnett) who formed Kestrel Productions. Fabulous cast lists included Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Michael Bates Scott On ......
BBC2 1969 - 1974
Following on from a couple of one-off 'specials' written by Marty Feldman and Barry Took - 'Scott On Birds' (1964) and 'Scott On Money' (1965) - this 45 minute comedy series starred Terry Scott investigating a variety of other topics including superstitions, habits and the seven deadly sins with the assistance of June Whitfield and Peter Butterworth
Special Branch
THAMES 1969 - 1974
Classic police drama series, sort of a forerunner to 'The Sweeney', featuring the 'toughs' of the Special Branch division investigating activities of undesirables including spies, anarchists and other fanatics. 52 x 60 minute episodes starred Derren Nesbitt as Detective Chief Inspector Jordan and Wensley Pithey as Superintendent Eden. Four series were made, produced by Reginald Collin, Robert Love, Geoffrey Gilbert and Ted Childs Strange Report
ATV - NBC TV 1969
Arena Productions
Seen in some regions earlier but networked in 1969, this spy / detective / action / adventure series starred Anthony Quayle as freelance forensic investigator Adam Strange who specialised in solving cases that had been left 'open file' by various government departments. Other characters were played by Kaz Garas (Hamlyn Gynt) and Anneke Wills (Evelyn McLean). 16 x 60 minute shows were made, a UK/US collaboration produced by Buzz Berger
Stars on Sunday
YORKSHIRE 1969 - 1979

Light entertainment show that combined a religious message with top of the line artists who performed an amazingly wide variety of songs and hymns which were all requested by viewers. Harry Secombe was a regular on the programme which was also blessed with guests such as Terry Waite and Anna Neagle. The series was produced and introduced by Jess Yates The Complete and Utter
History of Britain

LWT 1969

Absurdly funny Pythonesque series of 6 x 30 minute shows poking a light-hearted finger at events and social customs of British history. Humphrey Barclay produced and Maurice murphy directed. Highly eccentric historical figures were played by Terry Jones and Michael Palin (series writers) aided and abetted by Roddy Maude-Roxby, Wallas Eaton, Melinda May and Colin Gordon
Take Three Girls
BBC1 1969 - 1971
Drama series about the lives, loves and activities of three single girls sharing a flat in London, with incidental music provided by Pentangle. The original series featured Liza Goddard as violinist Victoria, Angela Down as art student Avril and Susan Jameson as actress Kate. The latter two were replaced in the second series by Carolyn Seymour (journalist Jenny) and Barra Grant (psychology graduate Lulie). The original cast were reassembled in 1982 for a further 4 x 55 minute episodes titled 'Take Three Women' The Champions
ITC 1969 - 1971

Excellent spy / adventure / fantasy series in which three people gain extraordinary powers from a monk who rescues them after their plane crashes in Tibet. ESP, enhanced strength and speed and heightened natural senses lead to them becoming top agents for the ultra secret intelligence organisation Nemesis. The trio were played by William Gaunt, Stuart Damon and the delicious Alexandra Bastedo in 30 x 60 minute episodes created and produced by Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner.
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The Dave Allen Show
BBC1 1969

Another of many successful television series for the irreverent Irish comedian and storyteller Dave Allen - his first for the BBC. The show consisted of Dave's extended comedy stories and anecdotes, interspersed with short one-liner sketches. Subsequent shows included 'Dave Allen At Large' (BBC1 1971-73 and BBC2 1975-76), 'Dave Allen And Friends (ATV 1977) and 'Dave Allen' (ATV 1978) The Doctors
BBC1 1969 - 1971

A soap-type twice weekly serial produced by Colin Morris featuring the public and private goings on in an NHS practice. The main characters were Dr John Somers (John Barrie), Dr Elizabeth McNeal (Justine Lord), Dr Roger Hayman (Richard Leech) and Dr Bill Conrad (Barry Justice) with Maureen O'Reilly, Pamela Duncan and Lynda Marchal also appearing regularly during the show's 160 x 30 minute episodes
The Dustbinmen
GRANADA 1969 - 1970
Rowdy, hilarious comedy about a team of workshy antagonistic refuse disposal operatives, the 'crew' of dustcart 'Thunderbird 3. The leader was 'Cheese and Egg' (Bryan Pringle), fighting a constant battle against the enemy in the form of depot manager 'Bloody Delilah' (John Woodvine, later Brian Wilde), supported by loyal cohorts 'Heavy Breathing' (Trevor Bannister), 'Winston' (Graham Haberfield), 'Smellie Ibbotson' (John Barrett) and 'Eric' (Tim Wylton) through 20 x 30 minute episodes written by Jack Rosenthal and directed by Les Chatfield. The series originated from a 1968 90 minute Playhouse production titled 'There's A Hole In Your Dustbin, Delilah' also written by Jack Rosenthal The Liver Birds
BBC1 1969 - 1979
Very much a chronicle of 60s and 70s fashion and culture in Liverpool, this sitcom originated from a Comedy Playhouse production wrotten by Carla Lane, Myra Taylor and Lew Schwartz. The bedsit-sharing girls, victims of life's various ups and downs, originally featured Pauline Collins as Dawn and Polly James as Beryl, the roles later being superseded by Nerys Hughes as Sandra and Elizabeth Estensen as Carol, respectively. Sydney Lotterby, Doiuglas Argent and Roger Race produced 79 x 30 minute episodes plus another two of 35 minutes and 40 minutes. The series writing was credited to Carla Lane, early scripts being edited by a certain Eric Idle
The Fossett Saga
LWT 1969

7 x 30 minute episodes starred Jimmy Edwards as James Fossett, a Victorian writer of 'penny dreadfuls' accompanied by manservant Herbert Quince played by Sam Kydd. Other characters included June Whitfield as music hall artiste Millie Goswick. The series was produced and directed by David Askey from scripts by Dave Freeman The Gold Robbers
LWT 1969
13 x 60 minute episode crime drama loosely based on the Great Train Robbery starred Peter Vaughan as Detective Chief Inspector Cradock featuring his successes and failures in tracing the perpetrators of a multi-million pound bullion robbery. Other characters, mainly villains or suspects, were played by George Cole, Roy Dotrice, Alfred Lynch, Ann Lynn, Joss Ackland and Katharine Blake. The series was written by Johnny Hawkesworth (who also produced) and Glyn Jones with technical advice being provided by Ex DCI Arthur Butler who was involved in the real train robbery investigation
The Main Chance
YORKSHIRE 1969 - 1975
John Stride played a chancing, outspoken, brilliant young solicitor in 32 x 60 minute episodes of this superb legal drama series which was produced by David Cunliffe and John Frankau and created by Edmund Ward Who-Dun-It
ATV 1969
Audience participation TV where the viewers were invited to try and name the guilty party before the final credits. This 'Cluedo' type mystery game programme made in a 1930's 'Agatha Christe' style was a suspense/humour hybrid created by Lewis Greifer and produced by Jack Williams. 13 x 60 minute shows were broadcast
The Mind of Mr J.G.Reeder
THAMES 1969 - 1971

Based on the character created by Edgar Wallace in a series of 1925 short stories of the same title, Hugh Burden played the title role as an investigator with the Public Prosecutor's office. 16 x 60 minute episodes also featured Willoughby Goddard as department head Sir Jason Toovey and Mona Bruce as assistant Mrs Houchin. Series producers were Kim Mills and Robert Love Wheel of Fortune
SOUTHERN 1969 - 1971
American show

Following on from his ultra-succesful 'Take Your Pick' programme, this half hour game show was hosted by Michael Miles, again assisted by Bob Danvers-Walker, Alec Dane and organist Harold Smart. The format, as in the successful American (1975) and Scottish TV (1988) versions featured contestants spinning a giant wheel in pursuit of cash or prizes. Producer of the original show was Stephen Leahy
Wild Wild Women
BBC1 1969
Not quite as the title suggested - this Ronald Wolfe and Ronald Chesney written comedy series featured the workers in a Victorian milliners in much the same vein as their earlier 'Rag Trade' sitcom. Paul Whitsun-Jones starred as the sweatshop overseer, Mr Harcourt, with Barbara Windsor (Millie), Daphne Heard, Pat Coombs, Jessie Robbins and Toni Palmer amongst the girls under his charge. This G.B.Lupino production was yet another series that came from a Comedy Playhouse production, shown in 1968      

Some other 1969 television shows that you may have forgotten...

The Gnomes of Dulwich - BBC2 - 6 x 30 min surreal sitcom starring Terry Scott and Hugh Lloyd Giving A Dinner Party - BBC2 - Fanny Cradock cookery series
The Inside Man - LWT - 12 x 60 minute psychiatry drama series A Present For Dickie - Thames - Sitcom starring Dickie Henderson
Tonight With David Nixon - ATV - Light entertainment series Riptide - TransPacific/Artransa (Aus) - 26x60 minute action / adventure TV series starring Ty Hardin
W Somerset Maugham - BBC2 - Drama production series Whicker's New World - YTV - Alan Whicker travelogue series on America
The High Chaparral - Xanadu/Paramount - 98 x 60 minute Classic western series starring Leif Erickson. Also see 'Westerns' Whicker in Europe - YTV - Alan Whicker on a whistle-stop European tour
Cowboy In Africa - US ABC - Chuck Connors as a rodeo champ ranching in Africa High Living - Scottish - 200+ 15-minute episodes of a soap set in a Glasgow tower block
Q5 - BBC2 - 7 x 30 minute comedy series starring Spike Milligan Man On The Moon - ITV - July 20th 1969 15-hour Moon Mission News Programme
The Life and Times of Lord Mountbatten - Rediffusion/Thames - Biographical series - 12 x 60mins Castle Haven - Yorkshire - Soap opera set in converted Victorian seaside flats
Mr Digby Darling - YTV - 19 x 30 minute sitcom starring Peter Jones and Sheila Hancock Skippy The Bush Kangaroo - Network 9 / Fauna Productions (Aus) - 91 x 30 minute outback adventures
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In - NBC - 124 x 50 minute comedy sketch shows     See Bill Harry's Sixties page  

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The Dustbinmen
The Best Things Of Life
Mr Digby Darling
Special Branch
The Power Game
News At Ten
'Til Death Us Do Part
Opportunity Knocks

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