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Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies
Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies

All Night Long
Basil Dearden

Patrick McGoohan, Keith Michell, Betsy Blair, Paul Harris, Marti Stevens, Bernard Braden
Richard Attenborough, Harry Towb, María Velasco, Dave Brubeck, John Dankworth
Charles Mingus, Bert Courtley, Keith Christie, Ray Dempsey, Allan Ganley, Tubby Hayes
Barry Morgan, Kenny Napper, Colin Purbrook, John Scott

A musical version of Othello, a vehicle to feature the sounds of the many jazz artists appearing.   You Tube


Play It Cool
Lynx Films Ltd
Michael Winner

Billy Fury and The Tornadoes, Ray Brooks, Bernie Winters, Richard Wattis, Monty Landis
Felicity Young, Anna Palk, Bobby Vee, Danny Williams, Shane Fenton and The Fentones
Michael Anderson Jr., Helen Shapiro, Jimmy Crawford, Lionel Blair and his Dancers

Youth culture musical about the adventures of a pop group involved with a runaway heiress as they search through Soho trying to find her two-timing boyfriend.    You Tube

Disneyland After Dark
Walt Disney Productions
William Beaudine, Hamilton Luske

Louis Armstrong, Bobby Rydell, Annette Funicello, Bobby Burgess, Monette Moore, Kid Ory
Johnny St.Cyr, Harvey Brooks, The Dapper Dans, The Elliott Brothers Orchestra, Paul Barn
Alan Osmond, Jay Osmond, Merrill Osmond, Wayne Osmond, Alton Redd
The Royal Tahitians, Mike De Lay, Tony Paris, Walt Disney (host)

Teenagers horse around on the Disneyland attractions in this promotional fun film made for television.   You Tube

A Kind Of Loving
Anglo-Amalgamated / Waterhall / Vic Films
John Schlesinger

Alan Bates, June Ritchie, Thora Hird, Bert Palmer, Jack Smethurst, Pat Keen, James Bolam
Gwen Nelson, John Ronane, David Mahlowe, Patsy Rowlands, Michael Deacon, Fred Ferris
Annette Robertson, Leonard Rossiter, Malcolm Patton, Harry Markham, Peter Madden

Northern urban working-class culture melodrama when, after his girlfriend's pregnancy forces him to marry her, a young man must adjust to his new life and contend with a domineering mother-in-law. You Tube

One Man's Challenge
Dale Smallin

John Danglius, Roger Christian, Johnny Crawford, Gene Weed

West coast culture film about the teen surf explosion in the Los Angeles area. Essentially it can be described as a step by step instructional film on how to form a teenage surf club. Artists featured are The Genteels, The Beach Boys, The Raindrops and The Surfaris. 
You Tube


Lonely Boy (Paul Anka '62)
National Film Board Of Canada
Wolf Koenig, Roman Kroitor

Paul Anka, Jules Podell

A documentary biographical film that chronicles the career to date of teen singing star Paul Anka, who stars as himself. The film won a Canadian Film Award as top film of the year and was nominated at the BAFTA Awards for best short film (27 minutes).
You Tube

Band Of Thieves
Peter Bezencenet

Acker Bilk, Carol Deene, Maudie Edwards, Peter Haigh, Charmian Innes, Eleanor McCready
Jennifer Jayne, Stan Greig, Arthur Mullard, Arthur Mullard, Norrie Paramor, Fred Wood
Michael Peake, Marianne Stone, Geoffrey Sumner, Jimmy Thompson, Totti Truman T

Music-based crime story in which Acker Bilk and his jazz band are released from jail, achieve fame and eventual re-imprisonment. You Tube


Don't Knock The Twist
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Oscar Rudolph

Chubby Checker, Gene Chandler, Vic Dana, Linda Scott, The Dovells: Len Barry
Mike Dennis, Arnie Satin, Jerry Summers; The Carroll Bros, Lang Jeffries, Mari Blanchard
Georgine Darcy, Stephen Preston

Twist craze vehicle. A TV executive puts together a 'Twist Spectacular' to beat rivals but during the production stages, jealousies lead to problems - and a lot of dancing.    You Tube

The Boys
Gala / Columbia
Sidney J.Furie

Richard Todd, Robert Morley, Dudley Sutton, Ronald Lacey, Tony Garnett, Jess Conrad
Felix Aylmer, Wilfrid Brambell, Allan Cuthbertson, Colin Gordon, Wensley Pithey
Kenneth J. Warren, Patrick Magee, David Lodge, Mavis Villiers, Betty Marsden
Laurence Hardy, Carol White

Four East End youths are put on trial at the Old Bailey for for killing a garage attendant. Because of their teddy boy clothes people assume the worst and the prosecution argues accordingly. The film presents a serious examination of British justice in the controversy over capital punishment at that time. Memorable soundtrack by The Shadows.    You Tube


State Fair
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
José Ferrer

Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Pamela Tiffin, Ann-Margret, Tom Ewell, Alice Faye, Wally Cox
David Brandon, Clem Harvey, Robert Foulk, Linda Heinrich, Tap Canutt
and an uncredited appearance by a young MeatLoaf as a boy in the stands.

The film is a remake of the 1933 / 1945 films of the same name. Billed as a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical, Rodgers wrote both music and lyrics for this version as Hammerstein had died. The Frakes head for the Iowa State Fair where the parents are trying to win competitions for livestock and cooking while their two offspring pursue love interests. You Tube

The Main Attraction
Seven Arts
Daniel Petrie

Pat Boone, Nancy Kwan, Mai Zetterling, Yvonne Mitchell, Kieron Moore, Yvonne Mitchell
Elenora Moreno, Lionel Blair, Lionel Murton, Bill Picton, Golda Casimir, Carl Duering
Warren Mitchell, Frank Sieman, John Le Mesurier,

Eddie is fired from an Italian cafe for hanging about with some trouble makers. He meets Gina who is a ventriloquist in a visiting circus and helps her out with her act as they become lovers. All is well until Eddie starts to fall in love with another circus girl.     You Tube


Some People
AIP / Vic Films
Clive Donner

Kenneth More, Ray Brooks, Annika Wills, David Andrews, Angela Douglas, David Hemmings
Fanny Carby, Harry M. Corbett, Richard Davis, Frankie Dymon, Fred Ferris, Michael Gwynn
Cyril Luckham, Kenneth C. Moore, Timothy Nightingale, Dean Webb

Youth culture with music by Ron Grainer and Johnny Worth. Instead of hanging about with the gangs on motorcycles a group of four teenage layabouts are kept out of trouble by being persuaded to form a pop group. Features an appearance by instrumental group The Eagles.  You Tube
The World's Greatest Sinner
Frenzy Productions
Timothy Carey

Timothy Carey, Gil Barreto, Betty Rowland, James Farley, Gail Griffin, Tyde Rule
Gene Koziol, Dayna Madison, Gitta Maynard, Titus Moede, Betty Sturm, Marty Prisco
Grace De Carolis, Carolina Samario, George F. Carey, Duana Dedda, Doris Carey

Great soundtrack score by Frank Zappa. An insurance salesman quits his job to go into politics. He ends up forming his own religion-based political party, 'The Eternal Man' party, and gains a lot of followers but then starts having doubts about the eternalness of man.

The Wild Westerners
Four-Leaf Productions
Oscar Rudolph

James Philbrook, Nancy Kovack, Duane Eddy Duane Eddy, Guy Mitchell, Hugh Sanders
Elizabeth MacRae, Marshall Reed, Nestor Paiva, Harry Lauter, Bob Steele, Lisa Burkett
Terry Frost, Hans Wedemeyer, Don C. Harvey, Elizabeth Harrower

A sheriff and his men are using their badges to rob gold shipments. Not knowing this, Marshal McDowell heads out alone to face the gang with a load of gunpowder and a few trusted Deputies. Duane Eddy co-stars and also provides the title theme.
Dance Craze
Jack Lieb Productions / Independent Artists
Bill Rebane

Sig Sakowicz, Sandra Keto, Frank DeSanti, Ral Donner, Jim Featherstone, Lee Taylor
The Millionaires

Short (15 minutes) Twist dance craze vehicle. Arguably, this and 'Twist Craze' may be two different cuts of the same original footage. There are certainly similarities in the title sequences.  You Tube

  Twist Craze
Jack Lieb Productions / Independent Artists
Allan David

Jim Lounsbury, Tobin Matthews and The All Stars, Joe Cavalier, The Parisian Twisters
The Manhattan Twisters, The Windy City Twisters

Short (8 minute) film about a Twist demonstration in 1962 at a Chicago theatre.
Arguably, this and 'Dance Craze' may be two different cuts of the same original footage.   You Tube
Two Tickets To Paris
Columbia Pictures Corporation / Harry Romm Productions
Greg Garrison

Joey Dee, Gary Crosby, Kay Medford, Jeri Lynn Frazer, Lisa James, Charles Nelson Reilly
Richard Dickens, Nina Paige, Sal Lombardo, Jeri Archer, Michele Moinot, Jay Burton
Sigrid Valdis, The Starliters: Dave Brigati, Willie Davis, Carlton Lattimore, Don Martin
Larry Vernieri

A young couple take a cruise to Paris to get married, with the strict Aggie as a chaperone. However, their romance runs into trouble when a French dancer called Coco tries to use Joey to make her own straying boyfriend jealous.     You Tube

Wild Guitar
Fairway International Pictures
Ray Dennis Steckler

Arch Hall Jr., Nancy Czar, Arch Hall Sr., Tony Flynn, Mike Kannon, Marie Denn
Robert Crumb, Virginia Broderick, Al Scott, Lloyd Williams, Jonathan Karle, Mike Treibor
Paul Voorhees, Rick Dennis, Carol Flynn, Raeme Patterson, Danny Silvers, Carolyn Brandt
Ray Dennis Steckler

A young Arch Hall Jr. is apparently given a chance to hit the big time by the unscrupulous owner of a small record company played by Arch Hall Sr. (billed as William Watters). Trouble ensues but junior finally gets what he has been promised. You Tube
The Painted Smile (Murder Can Be Deadly)
Blakeley's Films (M/C) Ltd / Colorama Features / Mancunian Film
Lance Comfort

Liz Fraser, Kenneth Griffith, Peter Reynolds, Tony Wickert, Craig Douglas, Nanette Newman
Ray Smith, David Hemmings,
Mia Karam, Gerald Sim, Harold Berens,
Grazina Frame
Richard McNeff, Rosemary Chalmers

A British drama thriller, with music thrown in for good measure, where a student comes under suspicion of murder when he discovers a dead body.

Ten Girls Ago
Can-Am Productions
Harold Daniels

Babette Bain, Larry Benson, Jennifer Billingsley,
Buster Keaton, Bert Lahr, Dion DiMucci
Eddie Foy Jr., Anne Gable, Jan Miner

Television movie - a satirical musical comedy on the industry telling of the decline in popularity of an ageing comic - eclipsed by a star dog on a rival network - and his eventual comeback.    You Tube
  Swingin' Along (1962)… Tommy Noonan, Peter Marshall, Barbara Eden, Connie Gilchrist, Ray Charles, Roger Williams, Bobby Vee. Story of aspiring songwriter is not even saved by the music (except Charles rendition of What'd I Say). Several familiar faces throughout.     Two Tickets to Paris (1962)… Joey Dee and the Starlighters, Gary Crosby, Kay Medford, Jeri Lynne Fraser, Lisa James, Charles Nelson Reilly. Romantic musical comedy worth seeing only for Joey and the Starlighters.
  Wild Guitar (1962)… Arch Hall Jr., Nancy Czar, William Waters, Cash Flagg. Guitars + motorcycles + bad acting + bad script + bad direction = junk. Legendarily bad director Ray Dennis Steckler put this one together and it shows. Tag line - "Smashes the fun barrier!" said Allied Artists, the poor man's AIP. Robert Crumb, the underground cartoonist, also appears. [That's really Steckler as Cash Flagg and Arch Hall Sr. as William Waters. Steckler went on to make the cult classic, Incredibly Strange Creatures Who Stopped Living and Became Mixed-Up Zombies and also Rat Fink and Boo Boo, both of which featured rock and roll soundtracks. Czar was a teenage Olympic ice skating champion.]      

It's Trad Dad (Ring-A-Ding Rhythm)
Richard Lester

Helen Shapiro, Craig Douglas, Gene Vincent, Del Shannon, John Leyton, Chubby Checker
The Brook Brothers, Gary U.S. Bonds, Gene McDaniels, Ottilie Patterson, Alan Freeman
David Jacobs,
Arnold Diamond, Timothy Bateson, Bruce Lacey, Derek Nimmo
Deryck Guyler, Felix Felton, Frank Thornton, Hugh Lloyd, Mario Fabrizi, Peter Murray
Ronnie Stevens, Arthur Mullard
, The Paris Sisters, Sounds Incorporated
The Dukes of Dixieland
Chris Barber and his Jazz Band
The Temperance Seven
Mr Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band
Bob Wallis and his Storyville Jazzmen
Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen
Terry Lightfoot
and his Jazz Band

Talent-laden youth culture musical in which Helen and Craig try to organise a music show for their town.     You Tube
Bruce Brown Films
Bruce Brown

Bruce Brown - narrator

Bruce Brown's fifth and last surfing documentary film before 'The Endless Summer', consisting of highlights from the four previous films: 'Slippery When Wet', 'Surf Crazy', 'Barefoot Adventure' and 'Surfing Hollow Days'.

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