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Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies
Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies

Easy Rider
Columbia Pictures Corp. / Pando Company Inc. Raybert Prodns
Dennis Hopper

Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Antonio Mendoza, Phil Spector, Mac Mashourian, Ellie Walker
Warren Finnerty, Tita Colorado, Luke Askew, Luana Anders, Sabrina Scharf, Keith Green
Sandy Brown Wyeth, Robert Walker Jr., Robert Ball, Carmen Phillips, Michael Pataki
Jack Nicholson, George Fowler Jr., Hayward Robillard, Arnold Hess Jr., Buddy Causey Jr.
Duffy Lafont, Blase M. Dawson, Paul Guedry Jr., Suzie Ramagos, Elida Ann Hebert
Rose LeBlanc, Mary Kaye Hebert, Cynthia Grezaffi, Colette Purpera, Toni Basil, Karen Black
Lea Marmer, Cathé Cozzi, Thea Salerno, Anne McClain, Beatriz Monteil, Marcia Bowman
David C. Billodeau, Johnny David

American Hippie drop-out and biker culture. All-time great cult movie. Great soundtrack, notably Steppenwolf's 'Born To Be Wild'.   You Tube


What's Good For The Goose (Girl Trouble)
Tigon British Film Productions Ltd
Menahem Golan

Norman Wisdom, Sally Geeson, Sarah Atkinson, Sally Bazely, Stuart Nichol, Derek Francis
Terence Alexander, Paul Whitsun-Jones, David Lodge, Karl Lanchbury, Hilary Pritchard
H.H. Goldsmith, Thelma Falls-Hand, The Pretty Things, George Meaton, Duncan Taylor
Jonathon Cox, Patrick Goggin, Sally Begley

Comedy innuendo sex romp with music by The Pretty Things.
Norman Wisdom plays a somewhat timid banker who has a fairly hum drum life, married with children. He ends up having to go to the executive conference held at a seaside resort. On the way he picks up two teenage girl hitchhikers who end up opening his eyes to the fun filled world of the late 1960's.    
You Tube

From Nashville With Music
John C. Bradford Productions
Eddie Crandall, Robert Patrick

Marilyn Maxwell, Leo G. Carroll, Jose Gonzales-Gonzales, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard
Buck Owens, Charley Pride, Tammy Wynette, Jack Drake, Wynn Stewart, Bill Anderson
George Jones, Carl Smith, Don Gibson, Jo Ann Steele, The Jordanaires, Bonnie Owens
Big John Bradford, Buddy Alan, Susan Raye, Eddy Fukano, Cousin Jody, Gordon Stoker
Ray Walker, Hoyt Hawkins, Neal Matthews, Nola Bradford, Bobby Bishop, Don Rich
Gayle Pennoyer, Don Winters, Jimmy Gately, Audrey Winters, Barbara van Cleave
Rudy Hickman, Roy Stingley, The U.S. Males, Johnny Kay, Larry Scott, Jack Reno
Hal Blu, 'Big Hugh Baby' Jarrett, Dale Sellers, D.J. Fontana, Ben Keith, Billy Reynolds
Terry Dale, Johnny Gimble, Jim Bradford

Country & Western musical movie about a New York couple who manage to go to The Grand Ole Opry by mistake.
Don't laugh… it could happen to anyone ...     You Tube


If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium
Wolper Pictures
Mel Stuart

Suzanne Pleshette, Ian McShane, Mildred Natwick, Murray Hamilton, Sandy Baron
Michael Constantine, Norman Fell, Hilary Thompson, Marty Ingels, Pamela Britton
Reva Rose, Aubrey Morris, Peggy Cass, Luke Halpin, Mario Carotenuto, Patricia Routledge
Marina Berti, Ermelinda De Felice, Paul Esser, Jenny White, Sonya Doumen, Senta Berger
John Cassavetes, Joan Collins, Vittorio De Sica, Donovan, Anita Ekberg, Ben Gazzara
Virna Lisi, Elsa Martinelli, Catherine Spaak, Robert Vaughn, Suzy Falk, Roger Six
Frank Latimore, Yutte Stensgaard

Comedy movie about a group of travellers on a whistle-stop tour of Europe. A dozen hapless Americans are thrown together, as strangers, on a holiday that takes them to a different European country each day by bus - nine countries in 18 days! The characters are on a gruelling schedule, trying to pack as much sight-seeing in as they can. Lots of cameo roles and performances including Donovan, singing the title song.     You Tube

Paint Your Wagon
Alan Jay Lerner Productions / Malpaso Company
Joshua Logan

Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, Jean Seberg, Harve Presnell, Ray Walston, Tom Ligon
Alan Dexter, William O'Connell, Benny Baker, Alan Baxter, Paula Trueman, Robert Easton
Geoffrey Norman, H.B. Haggerty, Terry Jenkins, Karl Bruck, John Mitchum, Sue Casey
Eddie Little Sky, Harvey Parry, H.W. Gim, William Mims, Roy Jenson, Patrick Hawley
The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Superb Western-style musical movie which spawned a hit single. Two prospectors set up with the same wife during the California gold rush The soundtrack included Lee Marvin's hit single 'Wand'rin' Star' and Clint Eastwood's 'I Talk To The Trees', which was the 'B' side.    You Tube


Medium Cool
Haskell Wexler

Robert Forster, Verna Bloom, Peter Bonerz, Marianna Hill, Harold Blankenship
Charles Geary, Sid McCoy, Christine Bergstrom, William Sickingen, Robert McAndrew
Marrian Walters, Beverly Younger, Edward Croke, Doug Kimball, Peter Boyle
and many others as black militants

A television cameraman working during the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention becomes involved in the riots he has been sent to film. The actors performed in the middle of the actual conflicts between protestors and police. Features music by Mike Bloomfield, Paul Butterfield and The Mothers of Invention and archive presidential footage.
   You Tube

Model Shop
Columbia Pictures Corporation
Jacques Demy

Anouk Aimée, Gary Lockwood, Alexandra Hay, Carol Cole, Tom Fielding, Severn Darden
Neil Elliot, Jacqueline Mille, Duke Hobbie, Anne Randall, Craig Littler, Hilary Thompson
Jon Lawson, Jeanne Sorel, Jon Hill

An American menage a trois involving a 26 year old man who quits his boring job and tries to get a foothold in the glitzy world of Hollywood modelling photography before being drafted into the army for the Vietnam war. The music is provided by Spirit who also appear in a cameo rehearsal sequence.    You Tube


Johnny Cash, The Man, His World, His Music!
Verite Production
Robert Elfstrom

Johnny Cash, June Carter, Anita Carter, Helen Carter, Maybelle Carter, Bob Dylan
Marshall Grant, W.S. Holland, Frank Hubb, Bob Johnston, Merle Kilgore, Carl Perkins
Bob Wootton, Glen Campbell, Carrie Cash, Ray Cash, Rosanne Cash, Dale Evans
Don Freed, Roy Rogers

A musical documentary on Johnny Cash that follows an American tour during the late Sixties, with lots of behind the scenes footage and contributions from many other artists.    You Tube

Popcorn - An Audio-Visual Thing
United Screen Arts
Peter Clifton

The Animals, The Bee Gees, Eric Burdon, Joe Cocker, Johnny Farnham, The Vanilla Fudge
Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding, The Rolling Stones, Traffic, Twiggy

A documentary collection of acts, performing from Katmandu to London's Royal Albert Hall. Includes an in-depth, backstage interview with The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and a Twiggy fashion show.
   You Tube
Beyond Image
Sensual Laboratory London / British Film Institute Prodn Board
Mark Boyle

No live artists

20 minute animated psychedelic film showing swirls and bubbles of colours, evoking the 1960s psychedelia and spirit of the legendary UFO Club in London's Tottenham Court Road. Created by Mark Boyle, Joan Hills, John Claxton, Cameron Hills and Des Banner with music provided by Soft Machine.

The Image
Border Film Productions
Michael Armstrong

David Bowie as The Boy
Michael Byrne as The Artist

David Bowie, in a surreal X-rated black and white 14 minute musical short as the ghost of an artist's model.   You Tube

Love You Till Tuesday
Thomasso Film
Malcolm J. Thomson

David Bowie, Hermione Farthingale, John 'Hutch' Hutchinson

A thirty minute collection of David Bowie promotion and performance clips which include an alternative version of 'Space Oddity'.    You Tube
Invocation Of My Demon Brother
Anger Magick Lantern Cycle
Kenneth Anger

Kenneth Anger, Bobby Beausoleil, Bill Beutel, Harvey Bialy, Timotha Bialy, Speed Hacker
Mick Jagger, Lenore Kandel, Anton LaVey, Van Leuven, Anita Pallenberg, Keith Richards

Short experimental film with strobe-like images and The Stones' 'Hyde Park' archive footage. Synthesizer music from Mick Jagger.   You Tube

American International Pictures (AIP) / Progress Motion Pictures
Alessio de Paola

Cher, Barbara London, Stephen Whittaker, Tom Nolan, Danny Zapien, Elmer Valentine
Burke Rhind, Richard Armstrong, Autumn, Joe Light, Dolly Hunt, Jason Clark

Produced by Sonny Bono, Cher's first film performance is the happy story of a lonely young girl hitchhiking across the country in the hope of finding someone to love her and make her forget her abused childhood. You Tube
Adventures Of The Son Of Exploding Sausage
Harcourt Films
David Korr

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Neil Innes, Vivian Stanshall, Roger Ruskin, Rodney Slater
'Legs' Larry Smith; Amanda Lees, Ashley Lees, Olivia Smith, Edward Reebuck

The band drive into the country and unload their equipment in some woods, where it is taken away by some children. They play some instrumental numbers in a stable yard, including 'Rockaliser Baby', 'We are Normal' and 'Quiet Walks and Summer Talks'.    You Tube

Angel, Angel, Down We Go (Cult Of The Damned)
Four Leaf Productions
Robert Thom

Jennifer Jones, Jordan Christopher, Holly Near, Lou Rawls, Carol Costello, Charles Aidman
Davey Davison, Roddy McDowall, Joan Calhoun, Marty Brill, Danielle Aubry, George Ostos
Sandrine Gobet, Deanne Mencher, Rudy Battaglia, Romo Vincent, Hiroko Watanabe

The somewhat overweight debutante daughter of the world's richest couple gets involved with a bunch of tripped out pop stars, who take their beliefs of the American ideal to ridiculous heights.    You Tube
  Groupie Girl How many adult claims of "You're all the same, you long-haired layabouts" fuelled teenage rebellion in the Sixties? The same piece of dialogue is uttered in this rather sleazy, exploitation film made in 1969, released in 1970, and typical of the state of British movies in what were dubbed 'the saucy Seventies'; lots of low-budget soft-porn in contrast to the big-budget American-financed British films of the Sixties and the Hammer and James Bond epics of the previous decade. The film was directed by Derek Ford (director of sexploitation films such as 'The Wife Swappers'), co-writing the screenplay with former groupie Suzanne Mercer who had herself been involved with the band Juicy Lucy. The producer was another sexploitation hand, Stanley Long, whose other films included 'Take Off Your Clothes And Live' and 'Secrets Of A Windmill Girl'. Ford, obviously more used to soft-porn movies than rock films, commented, "We were shooting in a discotheque one Saturday night and my ears rang right through to Monday morning. I was sick - physically sick - on Sunday from the noise level we suffered". The film featured Esme Johns as Sally, the groupie; Donald Sumpter as Steve; James Beck as Brian; Paul Bacon as Alfred and Madeleine and Mary Collinson as twin groupies. Bored suburbanite Sally was played by a stripper called Esme Johns and was her only movie appearance. Producer Long commented, "I don't know what happened to her. We just pulled her out of a strip club and made her an actress. She tried extremely hard and I thought she wasn't bad at all, considering". The film soundtrack featured a London band called Opal Butterfly who comprised Simon King, drums; Robert C. Milne, guitar; Allan Love, vocals; Richard Bardey, bass and Tommy Doherty, guitar. They played in the film as a band named 'Sweaty Betty'. Simon King (later to join 'Hawkwind') had a cameo role in the film, but only one line of dialogue. It is a cautionary tale of the seedier side of the life of young girls who slept with rock musicians and earned the name 'groupies'. From a conservative upbringing, Sally had been secretly attending rock concerts and decided to stow away in the back of the roadie's transit van to London and become a groupie, sleeping with a succession of musicians who treat her and the other groupies with a great deal of disrespect. She hooks up with Steve, leader of an up-and-coming band, but when they are accidentally locked in a hotel room with two other sex-crazed groupies, their relationship comes to an end. When the group's speeding van comes alongside that of the Sweaty Betty band Steve, fed up of Sally, decides to give her to the other group. While still speeding on the motorway they pass Sally over to the other van, but doing so results in their own van crashing and Steve is killed. Sally stays with Sweaty Betty on their estate where, during one of their parties, the police arrive to search for drugs and investigate Steve's death. Sally tries to hide the evidence by swallowing a vast amount of the drugs which completely blows her mind. Later she falls in love with the folk artist Billy Boyle but the relationship ends in tears for her. There are scenes of a lengthy cat fight with torn bras and exposed breasts, groupies swapping partners, the smoking of marijuana and the usual clichés. The film was released in America by American International in 1971 under the title 'I am a Groupie'. The film had cost £16,000 to make and Long commented, "It was extremely evocative of the period and was very much of its time. I'm very proud of the way it looks because the Americans kept asking me what studio we'd shot it at. They just couldn't believe we'd done it all on location. They ended up buying it for £50,000 for distribution in the U.S. so we made a huge profit". Additional sex scenes were added for a French version, released in 1973 under the title 'Les Demi-sels de la Perversion' (The Pimps of Perversion). It was re-released in France the following year, with additional hard-core sex scenes credited to 'Derek Fred', under the title 'Les affamées du mâle' (Man-Hungry Women). The soundtrack album was issued on Polydor 2374164 in 1970, containing the following tracks: Side One: 'You're A Groupie Girl', Opal Butterfly; 'To Jackie', English Rose; 'Four Wheel Drive', The Salon Band; 'Got A Lot Of Life', Virgin Stigma; 'I Wonder Did You', Billy Boyle; 'Gigging Song', Opal Butterfly; 'Disco 2', The Salon Band; 'Now You're Gone, I'm A Man', Virgin Stigma. Side Two: 'Yesterday's Hero', English Rose; 'Love Me, Give A Little', Virgin Stigma; 'Looking For Love', Billy Boyle; 'Sweet Motion', The Salon Band; 'Love's A Word Away', English Rose; 'True Blue', The Salon Band; 'Groupie Girl ( It Doesn't Matter What You Do)', Virgin Stigma. The film was officially released on a DVD in January 2007 as part of a 'Saucy Seventies' series by Slam Dunk Media.    
Alice's Restaurant
Elkins Entertainment / Florin
Arthur Penn

Arlo Guthrie, Patricia Quinn, James Broderick, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, Geoff Outlaw
Michael McClanathan, Tina Chen, Kathleen Dabney, William Obanhein, Seth Allen
Monroe Arnold, Joseph Boley, Alice Brock, Vinnette Carroll, Sylvia Davis, Simm Landres
Eulalie Noble, Louis Beachner, MacIntyre Dixon, Arthur Pierce Middleton, Frank Simpson
Donald Marye, Shelley Plimpton, M. Emmet Walsh, Ron Weyand, Eleanor D. Wilson
Neil Brooks Cunningham (as Simon Deckard), Thomas De Wolfe, James Hannon
Graham Jarvis, John E. Quill

A film adaption of Arlo Guthrie's classic song story.    You Tube

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