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Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies
Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies

Kimberley Jim
Emil Nofal Productions / Jamie Uys Film Productions
Emil Nofal

Jim Reeves, Madeleine Usher, Clive Parnell, Arthur Swemmer, Tromp Terre'blanche
Vonk de Ridder, Dawid van der Walt, June Neethling, Mike Holt, George Moore, Don Leonard
Domingo Eddie, Freddie Prozesky, Morris Blake, Webster Booth

Light-hearted musical comedy about two gamblers who win a diamond mine in a game of poker. A rare screen appearance for Jim Reeves. You Tube



The Young Swingers
Associated Producers (API)
Maury Dexter

Rod Lauren, Molly Bee, Gene McDaniels, Jack Larson, Karen Gunderson, Jo Helton
John Merritt, Justin Smith, Jerry Summers, Ray Dannis, Jack Younger, Dodie Warren
Elizabeth Thompson, Rusty Wescoatt, The Sherwood Singers

Drama in which a singer, played by Rod Lauren, attempts to keep a nightclub operating despite the efforts of a real estate agent to the contrary.

Tornados - not from film

Farewell Performance
Robert Tronson

David Kernan, Delphi Lawrence, Frederick Jaeger, Derek Francis, Alfred Burke, John Kelland
Toni Gilpin, James Copeland, Ron Perry, Denise Coffey, Artro Morris, Sean Lynch
Hugh Futcher, Donald Tandy, Middleton Woods, George Bellamy, Heinz Burt, Alan Caddy
Chad Carson, Clem Cattini, Roger LaVern

Crime thriller movie, with musical cameos, in which a pop star is found murdered. To find the murderer the police must work out if hate or rivalry is the motive. Notably featuring the late, great Heinz Burt and The Tornados. 


It's All Over Town
Douglas Hickox

Lance Percival, William Rushton, Frankie Vaughan, Dusty Springfield, The Springfields
Mr. Acker Bilk and his Paramount Jazz Band, The Bachelors, The Hollies: Allan Clarke
Tony Hicks, Graham Nash; April Olrich, Jan and Kelly, Caroline Maudling, Clodagh Rodgers
Ingrid Anthofer, Ivor Cutler, Paul Raymond, Wayne Gibson, Patricia Hayes

A 55-minute light-hearted pop music vehicle with a galaxy of stars, including Paul Raymond's bunnies.

Summer Holiday
Associated British Pictures / Ivy
Peter Yates

Cliff Richard, Lauri Peters, Melvyn Hayes, Una Stubbs, Teddy Green, Pamela Hart
Jeremy Bulloch, Jacqueline Daryl, Madge Ryan, Lionel Murton, Christine Lawson
Ron Moody, David Kossoff, Wendy Barry, Nicholas Phipps, The Shadows: Hank B. Marvin
Brian Locking, Brian Bennett, Bruce Welch

Youth culture pop musical. The adventures of young London Transport mechanics who borrow a red double-decker bus for a European holiday. On its release, Summer Holiday broke all British box office records and sealed Cliff Richard's reputation as England's best-loved entertainer. It also marked the film debut of director Peter Yates.    You Tube1   You Tube 2


Live It Up (Sing And Swing)
Three Kings
Lance Comfort

Anthony Ashdown, David Bauer, Heinz Burt, Dave Clark, Ed Devereaux, Pat Gilbert
Peter Glaze, Peter Haigh, Paul Hansard, David Hemmings, Veronica Hurst, Douglas Ives
Geoffrey L'Oise, Penny Lambirth, Steven Marriott, Trevor Maskell, John Mitchell
Jennifer Moss, Joan Newell, Peter Noble, John Pike, Anthony Shepard, Nancy Spain
The Outlaws, Andy Cavell and The Saints, Patsy Ann Noble, Gene Vincent, Kim Roberts
Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen, Sounds Incorporated

Fun but predictable British musical comedy film about a group of guys who form a combo and, naturally, make a hit record. 'Be My Guest' was the follow up to this film. Music and lyrics written by Joe Meek.   You Tube

Hootenanny Hoot
Four-Leaf Productions
Gene Nelson

Peter Breck, Ruta Lee, Joby Baker, Pamela Austin, Bobo Lewis, Lauren Gilbert
Nick Novarro, Vikki Dougan, The Brothers Four, Sheb Wooley, Johnny Cash, Judy Henske
The Gateway Trio, Eddie Brown, George Hamilton IV, Joe Gilbert, Cathie Taylor
Chris Crosby, Phil Arnold, Maureen Reagan

Musical comedy about a college show brought to TV. You may remember Sheb Woolley as 'Pete Nolan' in the cowboy series 'Rawhide'.   You Tube


Follow The Boys
MGM / Franmet
Richard Thorpe

Connie Francis, Paula Prentiss, Dany Robin, Janis Paige, Russ Tamblyn, Richard Long
Ron Randell, Eric Pohlmann, Robert Nichols, Paul Maxwell, Roger Perry, David Summer
Sean Kelly, John McLaren, Roger Snowdon

American youth culture musical. A group of girls follow their boys, based on a Navy ship, around the coast. Bonnie tries to resume her canceled honeymoon, Liz wants her newly-promoted husband to settle down and Michele just wants Lt. Langley to spend some time with her. You Tube

What A Crazy World
Michael Carreras Productions (as Capricorn)
Michael Carreras

Joe Brown, Susan Maughan, Marty Wilde, Harry H. Corbett, Avis Bunnage, Michael Ripper
Grazina Frame, Monte Landis, Fanny Carby, Larry Dann, Brian Cronin, David Nott
Barry Bethel, Michael Goodman, Lesley Duncan, Alan Klein, Tracey Rogers, Christine Martin
Denise Coffey, Jessie Robins, Malcolm Knight, Harry Locke, Toni Palmer, Michael Robbins
Tricky Dicky, Gloria Johnson, Vivyan Duncan, Bill Fraser, Billy Murray
Freddie and The Dreamers: Peter Birrell, Roy Crewdson, Bernie Dwyer, Derek Quinn, Freddie Garrity; The Happy Wonderers, Joe Brown and The Bruvvers,

Fab Film!! Youth culture pop musical in which a local Cockney boy writes a hit record based on his family and becomes a pop star. The title song was a hit single for Joe.  You Tube1     You Tube2

The Cool Mikado
Gilbert & Sullivan Operas
Michael Winner

Frankie Howerd, Stubby Kaye, Mike Winters, Bernie Winters, Terry Martin, Tommy Cooper
Dennis Price, Jacqueline Jones, Kevin Scott,
Tsai Chin, Jill Mai Meredith, Lionel Blair
Pete Murray, Glen Mason,
C. Denier Warren, Dermot Walsh, Carole Shelley, Murray Kash
Al Mulder, Yvonne Shima, Kenji Takaki, Frank Olegarno, The John Barry Seven
Peter Barkworth, Ed Bishop, Lissa Gray, Burt Kwouk, Marianne Stone, Michael Winner

Musical film based on the operetta 'The Mikado' with the plot reset into contemporary Japan as a comic gangster story. Many of the well known musical items are omitted and the remaining songs are reworked in styles popular in the early 1960s, including the Twist. It was completed in four weeks despite running out of money half-way through the shoot. You Tube

It's All Happening (The Dream Maker)
British Lion Films / Magna / KNP
Don Sharp

Tommy Steele, Michael Medwin, Angela Douglas, Jean Harvey, Bernard Bresslaw
Walter Hudd, John Tate, Janet Henfrey, Edward Cast, Richard Goolden, Keith Faulkner
Anthony Dawes, Barbara Clegg, Iris Russell, Abril Ward, Michael Thompson
Jeffrey Chandler, Robert Dean, Bruce Beeby, Gordon Waine, Marigold Russell, Tony Mercer
Gillian McCutcheon, Bryan Parker, Anthony Pelly, John Barry, John Boulter, Bill Cartwright
The Clyde Valley Stompers, Russ Conway, Johnny De Little, Carol Deene, Dai Francis
Philip Green, Dick Kallman, Geoff Love, Marion Ryan, Shane Fenton, Danny Williams

Youth culture musical comedy in which a talent-spotter at a recording company organises a concert featuring top singers and bands in order to prevent the orphanage where he was brought from closing. Huge list of cameo appearances.    You Tube

Gutter Girls (The Yellow Teddy Bears)
Animated Motion Pictures / Tekli British Productions
Robert Hartford-Davis

Jacqueline Ellis, Annette Whiteley, Georgina Patterson, Anne Kettle, Margaret Vieler
Noel Dyson, Victor Brooks, Richard Bebb, Ann Castle, Douglas Sheldon, Lesley Dudley
Iain Gregory, Jill Adams, John Bonney, Lucette Marimar, John Glyn-Jones, Valli Newby
Norman Mitchell, Earle Green, Harriette Johns, Ruth Kettlewell, Hilary Mason, Julie Martin
Micheline Patton, Raymond Huntley, Shirley Cameron, Bernadette Milnes, Caron Gardner
Irene Richardson, Sheila Houston, The Embers

Girls in an English school wear a yellow teddy bear on their uniform to show that they have lost their virginity. The girls' leader is worried that she might be pregnant from her boyfriend, a would-be pop singer. A teacher learns the significance of the badges and puts her own career in jeopardy in trying to help the girls. Soundtrack music is by The Embers. The Beatles were offered cameos in the film but (unsurprisingly) turned it down.

Palm Springs Weekend
Warner Brothers
Norman Taurog

Troy Donahue, Connie Stevens, Ty Hardin, Stefanie Powers, Carole Cook, Robert Conrad
Andrew Duggan, Jack Weston, Jerry Van Dyke, Zeme North, Bill Mumy, Dorothy Green
Robert Gothie, Greg Benedict, Gary Kincaid, Mark Dempsey, Jim Shane, Linda Gray
Dawn Wells, Red West, The Modern Folk Quartet

American west coast youth culture comedy in which college kids with raging hormones head to Palm Springs looking for fun with members of the opposite sex. Norman Taurog also directed Elvis films. You Tube
D'Ou Viens-Tu, Johnny? (Where Are You From, Johnny?)
Hoche Productions / Les Productions de la Guéville
Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC)

Noël Howard

Johnny Hallyday, Sylvie Vartan, Évelyne Dandry, Pierre Barouh, Fernand Sardou
Mick Besson, Jean-Jacques Debout, Pascal Duffard, Jean Franval, André Pousse
Jean-Marie Rivière, Hélène Tossy, Henri Vilbert, Daniel Cauchy

Musical vehicle for French pop singer Johnny Halliday in which he plays a young musician in Paris. Always in need of money, he unwittingly takes on a job for the Mafia and becomes a wanted man by them when he disposes of a drug delivery in the river Seine.   You Tube

Bye Bye Birdie
Columbia Pictures Corporation / Kohlmar-Sidney Productions
George Sidney

Janet Leigh, Dick Van Dyke, Ann-Margret, Maureen Stapleton, Bobby Rydell, Jesse Pearson
Paul Lynde, Mary LaRoche, Michael Evans, Robert Paige, Gregory Morton, Bryan Russell
Milton Frome, Ed Sullivan, Ben Astar, Trudi Ames, Frank Albertson, Beverly Yates
Frank Sully, Bo Peep Karlin, Melinda Marx, Mell Turner, Gil Lamb, Lee Aaker, Karel Shimoff
Donald Lawton, Yvonne White, Ray Bloch, Kim Darby, Lesley-Marie Colburn, John Daly

American youth culture pop musical showcasing the story around a pop star's journey to a small Ohio town to make his farewell television performance, and kiss his biggest fan, before he joins the army.  You Tube

A Swingin' Affair
Bengal International
Jay O. Lawrence

Arline Judge, William Wellman Jr., Baynes Barron, Suzan Sturtridge, Sandra Bettin
Dick Dale, Bill Christian, Norman Leslie, John Indrisano, Richard Morrison, Teri Garr
Tiger Joe Marsh, Johnny Reno,
Lal Baum, James Gavannah, James V. Christy, Russ Grieve
Danny Lewis, Gerrit Truim Jr., Burt Lange, Ernie de la Puente, The Del-Tones

A college boy attending a school dance secretly leaves to fight as 'Kid Gallant' to raise money for his college fraternity initiation fees. He easily knocks out his opponent in the first round, returns to the dance and tries to hide the fact from his fraternity brothers and the college girls. Great Dick Dale surf tracks.   You Tube

A Place To Go
British Lion Film Corporation/ Excalibur Films
Basil Dearden

Bernard Lee, Rita Tushingham, Michael Sarne, Doris Hare, Barbara Ferris, John Slater
David Andrews, William Marlowe, Jerry Verno, Yootha Joyce, Roy Kinnear, Norman Shelley
Michael Wynne, Marjie Lawrence, Rita Webb

British low-life crime drama film with Mike Sarne. Set in London's Bethnal Green it covers the dramatic changes that were happening in the lives of the British working-class at the time.   

The Beatles Come To Town
Associated British-Pathe: Pathe News
Filmed in Techniscope   Colour by Technicolor
No known Director

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Brian Epstein

An 8-minute Pathe News technicolor short showing The Beatles in concert at the ABC cinema in Manchester on 20th November 1963 - including backstage shots.
This footage was incorporated into the 1965 Pathe feature 'Pop Gear'.
Original music by Paul McCartney.   You Tube
  Sing and Swing (1963)… David Hemmings, Veronica Hurst, Heinz Burt, Stephen Marriott, Jennifer Moss, John Pike. Below average British film about the rise of a pop group features performances by the Outlaws and Gene Vincent among others. Also known as Live It Up. [Marriott later formed the Small Faces.]      

Just For Fun
Amicus / Columbia Pictures Corporation
Gordon Flemyng

Reginald Beckwith, Jack Bentley, Freddie Cannon, Louise Cordet, Lyn Cornell, Sonny Curtis
Karl Denver, Dick Emery, Mario Fabrizi, Gary Hope, Harry Fowler, Alan Freeman, Ian Gray
Irene Handl, Glen D. Hardin, Jet Harris and Tony Meehan, The Jet Blacks, Douglas Ives
David Jacobs, Ketty Lester, Hugh Lloyd, Jeremy Lloyd, Kenny Lynch, Gordon Rollings
Jerry Naylor, Ken Parry, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, Jimmy Powell, Edwin Richfield
Cherry Roland, , Jimmy Savile, John Wood, John Martin, Johnny Tillotson, The Springfields
Richard Vernon, Frank Williams, Mark Wynter, The Crickets, Bobby Vee, Clodagh Rodgers
The Spotnicks, Joe Brown and The Breakaways (Bruvvers), Sounds Incorporated
The Vernon Girls, The Tornados

Musical comedy pop movie from the same team that made 'It's Trad Dad'. A positively mouth-watering cast list in a tongue-in-cheek episodic film with a vague plot about the take-over of England by a group of teenagers who form their own political 'pop' party.   You Tube

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