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Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies
Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies

What A Whopper! Gilbert Gunn
Regal International Films
Harold Berens, Adam Faith, Wilfrid Brambell, Clive Dunn, Sid James, Archie Duncan, Marie France, Charles Hawtrey, Terence Longdon, Spike Milligan, Lance Percival, Lloyd Reckord
Molly Weir, Terry Scott, Ewan Roberts

A British comedy film, with an all-star cast, in which a writer tries to fool people into believing in the Loch Ness Monster by building and photographing a fake in order to sell his book.    You Tube

Babes In Toyland Jack Donohue
Walt Disney

Ray Bolger, Tommy Sands, Annette Funicello, Tommy Kirk, Gene Sheldon, Henry Calvin
Ed Wynn, Kevin Corcoran

The Kirk / Sands / Funicello team manage to drag themselves away from the beach to indulge in fantasy nonsense. A remake of the 1934 Laurel and Hardy classic, but hardly in the same category.   You Tube clips

Love In A Goldfish Bowl Jack Sher
Paramount Pictures
Tommy Sands, Fabian, Toby Michaels, Edward Andrews, John McGiver, Denny Miller
Dee J. Thompson, Majel Barrett, Susan Silo,
Jan Sterling, Elizabeth MacRae, Robert Patten
Shirley O'Hara, Tom Quain, Tiger

Beach culture movie set in Honolulu with surf music background. Two troubled college freshmen find themselves united by their mutual family woes in a beachhouse. Spot Majel Barrett from Star Trek!   You Tube
  The Right Approach David Butler

Frankie Vaughan, Martha Hyer, Juliet Prowse, Gary Crosby, David MacLean, Jesse White
Jane Withers

Frankie Vaughan's brief encounter with the Hollywood film world. Army pals return home to Pasadena, California, and convert a restaurant known as 'The Hut' into a five-man bachelor pad. One of them has a brother, Leo Mack, who will stop at nothing in his desire to succeed as an actor.

Too Late Blues John Cassavetes

Bobby Darin, Stella Stevens, Everett Chambers, Nick Dennis, Vince Edwards, Val Avery
Marilyn Clark, James Joyce, Rupert Crosse, Mario Gallo, Alan Hopkins, Cliff Carnell
Richard Chambers, Seymour Cassel, Dan Stafford

Early Sixties jazz music as a musician who prefers to play for his own enjoyment gets involved with a neurotic girl and leaves his dreams behind in search of fame.


Hey, Let's Twist! Greg Garrison
Paramount Pictures
Joey Dee, The Starliters, Jo Ann Campbell, Teddy Randazzo, Joe Pesci, Kay Armen, The Peppermint Loungers, Zohra Lampert, Dino Di Luca, Hope Hampton, Richard Dickens, Dave Brigati, Allan Arbus, Joseph Rigano, Marc Alan Austen, Adriano Celentano
Sally Kirkland, Dawn Nickerson

Dick Cami and his Mob boss father-in-law Johnny Biello witness the mayhem that has broken out in their Times Square nightclub. The world has been shaken by a new dance craze - The Twist!   You Tube

Swingin' Along (Double Trouble) Charles Barton
20th Century Fox
Tommy Noonan, Peter Marshall, Barbara Eden, Ray Charles, Bobby Vee, Roger Williams
Connie Gilchrist, Carol Christensen, Alan Carney, Mike Mazurki, Tommy Farrell
Leonard Bremen, Sandra Warner, Terry Miele, Art Baker

The film focuses on Noonan as a courier who dreams of becoming a songwriter and Marshall as a con artist who wants to enter Noonan’s original composition in a music competition. Featuring musical performances by Ray Charles, Bobby Vee and Roger Williams.


A Taste Of Honey Tony Richardson
British Lion / Bryanston / Woodfall
Dora Bryan, Robert Stephens, Rita Tushingham, Murray Melvin, Paul Danquah
Michael Bilton, Eunice Black, David Boliver, Margo Cunningham, A. Goodman, John Harrison
Veronica Howard, Moira Kaye, Graham Roberts, Valerie Scarden

Winner of 4 BAFTA film awards, a northern working-class comedy drama film examining the new Sixties sexual enlightenment with the story of a plain young girl who becomes pregnant by a black sailor, befriends a homosexual and gradually becomes a woman.    You Tube

Spare The Rod Leslie Norman
British Lion / Bryanston / Weyland

Max Bygraves, Geoffrey Keen, Donald Pleasence, Richard O'Sullivan, Betty McDowall
Eleanor Summerfield, Mary Merrall

From the novel by Michael Croft this claims to be the first British version of 'Blackboard Jungle' and is a drama documenting a new master's trials and tribulations in winning the confidence and respect of pupils in a tough East End school. It laid the groundwork for the later, more 'swinging Sixties' oriented film 'To Sir With Love'.


Gidget Goes Hawaiian Paul Wendkos
Columbia Pictures Corporation
James Darren, Michael Callan, Deborah Walley, Carl Reiner, Peggy Cass, Eddie Foy Jr.
Jeff Donnell, Vicki Trickett, Joby Baker, Don Edmonds, Bart Patton, Jan Conaway
Robin Lory, Arnold Merritt, Terry Huntingdon

Beach culture movie, a sequel to the 1959 movie 'Gidget' which was considered to be the forerunner for the 'Beach' films. Francis (Walley) is less than happy when her parents want her to go to Hawaii as she'll be unable to hang out with her beloved Moondoggie (Darren).

The Two Little Bears Randall Hood
20th Century Fox
Eddie Albert, Jane Wyatt, Soupy Sales, Butch Patrick, Donnie Carter, Jimmy Boyd
Nancy Kulp, Theodore Marcuse, Milton Parsons, James Maloney, Emory Parnell, Jack Finch
Opal Euard, Jack Lester, Richard Alden, Charlene Brooks, Brenda Lee

Comedy film notable only for Brenda Lee singing and the many Sixties American television personalities appearing. A school principal discovers his two boys are using a magic cream to change themselves into playful bears at night-time. Who thought this one up? Next please . .

  The Wind Of Change Vernon Sewell

Donald Pleasence, Johnny Briggs, Ann Lynn, Hilda Fenemore, Edna Doré, Glyn Houston
Norman Gunn, Bunny May, David Hemmings, Ted Bushell, David Gregory, Ken McGregor
Angela Douglas, Topsy Jane, Alan Smith, Antonita Dias, Rosemary Frankau, Bertie Green
Patricia Garwood.

Set around the coffee bars and homes in West London's Notting Hill, this is one of the earliest British films to examine racism, showing working-class white youths finding an outlet for their frustrations in racial hatred in the period following the Notting Hill riots of 1958.

Twist Around The Clock Oscar Rudolph
Columbia / Sam Katzman

Chubby Checker, Dion DiMucci, Vicki Spencer, Clay Cole, John Cronin, Mary Mitchell
Maura McGiveney, Tol Avery, The Marcels: Cornelius Harp, Fred Johnson, Gene Bricker
Ronald Mundy, Richard Knauss, Allen Johnson

Another 'Twist' musical. In this one, a manager down on his luck discovers a small-town dance and promotes it nationwide. Very similar plot to 'Rock Around The Clock'.   You Tube

Mix Me A Person Leslie Norman
British Lion Film Corporation

Anne Baxter, Donald Sinden, Adam Faith, David Kernan, Frank Jarvis, Peter Kriss
Carole Ann Ford, Anthony Booth, Topsy Jane, Jack MacGowran, Terence Walter

A young London criminal is faced with hanging for murdering a policeman. With even his defence counsel convinced of his guilt, a female psychiatrist throws herself into proving that the investigating police and legal system have made a mistake.
   You Tube

Twist All Night Allan David, William J. Hole Jr.
(The Continental Twist, The Young and The Cool)
Keelou Corporation / AIP

Louis Prima, June Wilkinson, Sam Butera and the Witnesses, Gertrude Michael
David Whorf, Hal Torey, Ty Perry, Fred Sherman, Dick Winslow, Gil Frye, Jim Lounsbury
Tom Mathews and The All-Stars, Joe Cavalier, Parisian Twisters, Manhattan Twisters
Bobby Morris, John Nagy, Allen Seltzer, Lou Sino, Morgan Thomas

Twist dance craze film in which the owner has to overcome some shady practice by thugs to keep his establishment open.   You Tube
Come September Robert Mulligan
Universal International / 7 Pictures Corporation / Raoul Walsh Ent.

Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Walter Slezak, Brenda de Banzie
Rossana Rory, Ronald Howard, Joel Grey, Chris Seitz, Ronnie Haran, Cindy Conroy
Joan Freeman, Nancy Anderson, Michael Eden

Romantic comedy - Bobby Darin won a Golden Globe for this, his first film, co-starring his first wife, Sandra Dee. Darin sings Multiplication and also composed the film theme.

The Hellions Ken Annakin
Irving Allen Productions / Jamie Uys Film Productions
Richard Todd, Anne Aubrey, Jamie Uys, Marty Wilde, Lionel Jeffries, James Booth
Al Mulock, Colin Blakely, Ronald Fraser, Zena Walker, George Moore, Bill Brewer
Jan Bruyns, Lorna Cowell, Ricky Arden

A British adventure film, set and filmed in South Africa, in which a police sergeant battles 'The Hellions', local criminals consisting of a man and his four sons. Tthe townspeople do not want to get involved and will not help to save him and his wife.

Look In Any Window William Alland
Scott R. Dunlap Productions (as New Features)

Paul Anka, Ruth Roman, Alex Nicol, Gigi Perreau, Carole Mathews, George Dolenz
Jack Cassidy, Robert Sampson, Dan Grayam, Jacqueline Kluger, Norman Winston
Ray Reese, Jim Jacobs

A strange 'social' film in which a teenager is brought up by uncaring, argumentative parents. He is exploring a relationship himself but develops a habit of spying on his neighbors in a modern suburban area while wearing a weird mask.    You Tube clips and theme song

The Young Ones (It's Wonderful To Be Young) Sidney J.Furie
Associated British Pictures
Cliff Richard and The Shadows, Robert Morley, Carole Grey, Teddy Green, Melvyn Hayes
Richard O'Sullivan, Gerald Harper
, Annette Robertson Robertson Hare, Sonya Cordeau
Sean Sullivan, Harold Scott.
Youth culture pop musical. A young rich kid is involved in helping his working class friends save their youth club which his father is planning to demolish and develop. A show is staged to raise the cash and poor old Dad is kidnapped to keep him from stopping it taking place.   You Tube clip


The Teenage Millionaire Lawrence Doheny
United Artists
Jimmy Clanton, Rocky Graziano, Zasu Pitts, Diane Jergens, Joan Tabor, Sid Gould
Maurice Gosfield, Eileen O'Neill, Bill Black's Combo, Jackie Wilson, Chubby Checker
Dion DiMucci, Marv Johnson, Vicki Spencer, Jack Larson, Bess Flowers, Bert Stevens

A teenager, whose millionaire father is a radio station owner, secretly records a song and plays it on one of the stations. It becomes a hit. He falls in love with a radio station girl who doesn't know his real identity.

Stranger In The City Robert Hartford-Davis
Caesar Films / Hartford-Davis

Short (23 minute) documentary film on the Soho scene and its coffee bars and striptease clubs, with additional music by Steve Race.

Paul Raven, managed by Davis, appears briefly in his early days as a singer. Robert Hartford-Davis also directed the pop films 'Saturday Night Out'
and 'Gonks Go Beat'.

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