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Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies
Pop Films and Youth Culture Movies

Go-Go Big Beat! Frank Gilpin, Kenneth Hume
Kenneth Hume Film Productions

The Cockneys, The Wackers, The Migil 5, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, Millie Small,
The Tornados, The Hollies, The Merseybeats, The Four Pennies, The Animals,
Lulu and The Luvvers, The Swinging Blue Jeans and The Applejacks.

This legendary musical pop documentary was originally made up from three short films: Mods And Rockers, UK Swings Again and Swinging UK In the video for general release the 'Mods And Rockers' segment, containing footage of the running battles between the two cults set to Beatles music performed by The Cheynes, was cut because of the violent content. The remaining segments contain DJ performances from Alan Freeman and Kent Walton.

Pop Gear (GoGo Mania) Frederic Goode
Associated British-Pathé

Jimmy Savile, The Nashville Teens, The Animals, Peter & Gordon, The Beatles, Billie Davis
Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas, The Syndicate of Sound, The Honeycombs, Chris Farlowe
The Spencer Davis Group, The Syndicate of Sound, The Four Pennies, The Fourmost
Herman's Hermits, Susan Maughan, Matt Monro, Sounds Incorporated, The Rockin' Berries
Alan Price, Tommy Quickly and The Remo Four

A British musical containing films of some of the British Invasion bands. The Beatles' live concert footage comes from the newsreel 'The Beatles Come to Town'.    You Tube

The Party's Over Guy Hamilton

Oliver Reed, Clifford David, Ann Lynn, Katherine Woodville, Louise Sorel, Mike Pratt
Maurice Browning, Jonathan Burn, Roddy Maude-Roxby, Annette Robertson
Alison Seebohm, Barbara Lott, Eddie Albert, Mildred Mayne, Fred Griffiths

Swinging London beatnik culture, a downbeat drama where an American girl becomes involved with a bunch of London youths and inevitably ends up the worse for it.    You Tube

Village Of The Giants Bert I. Gordon
Berkeley Productions / Embassy Pictures / Joseph E. Levine Prodns
Tommy Kirk, Johnny Crawford, Beau Bridges, Joy Harmon, Robert Random, Gail Gilmore
Tisha Sterling, Tim Rooney, Kevin O'Neal, Charla Doherty, Toni Basil, Ron Howard
The Beau Brummels, Freddy Cannon, Joe Turkel, Mike Clifford, Hank Jones, Jim Begg
Debi Storm, Rance Howard, Vicki London, Orangey (Giant Cat), Christopher Riordan

Beach culture 'sci-fi' movie, based on the H.G.Wells story 'Food Of The Gods', with a general West coast music soundtrack.   You Tube

Blind Corner (Man In The Dark) Lance Comfort
Mancunian Film
William Sylvester, Barbara Shelley, Elizabeth Shepherd, Alexander Davion, Mark Eden
Ronnie Carroll, Barry Alldis, Edward Evans, Frank Forsyth, Joy Allen, Unity Greenwood
Wendy Martin, Marianne Stone.

A blind but successful composer's wife has a lover on the side. Things get complicated when she sends her lover to murder her husband and things go badly wrong when they confront each other and the composer finds out the truth. Starring appearance for popular Sixties singer Ronnie Carroll who was at one time married to Millicent Martin.

Dateline Diamonds Jeremy Summers
Viscount Films
William Lucas, Kenneth Cope, George Mikell, Conrad Phillips, David Kirk, Patsy Rowlands
Burnell Tucker, Anna Carteret, Vanda Godsell, Kiki Dee, Gertan Klauber, Doel Luscombe
Peter Zander, Geoffrey Lumsden, Ronald Bridges, The Small Faces, The Chantelles
Mark Richardson, Kenny Everett, Rey Anton, Philip Birch, Ben Toney, Tony Withers.
Pop culture adventure involving the offshore Radio London 'Big L' pirate radio station
with great location shots. An ex-criminal now manages a top music band but wants to re-enter the world of crime.    You Tube

Ferry Cross The Mersey Jeremy Summers
Gerry Marsden, Freddie Marsden, Leslie Maguire, Les Chadwick, Julie Samuel, Eric Barker
T.P. McKenna, Mona Washbourne, The Black Knights, Cilla Black, The Blackwells
George A. Cooper, Mischa De La Motte, Earl Royce and The Olympics, The Fourmost
Donald Gee, Deryck Guyler, Andy Ho, Patricia Lawrence, George Martin, Margaret Nolan
Jimmy Savile, Bernard Sharpe, Keith Smith, Dorothy Su, Dickie Furness, Elisabeth Sladen.

Youth culture musical. A local pop group takes part in a 'battle of the bands', eventually beating the 'bad' guys, The Blackwells, who sported bleached blond hair. The end song, played over the credits is 'It's Gonna Be Alright'.     You Tube    Also see Bill Harry's Sixties

Catch Us If You Can (Having A Wild Weekend) John Boorman
Bruton Film Productions
The Dave Clark Five, Barbara Ferris, David Lodge, Robin Bailey, Alan Lake, Yootha Joyce
David de Keyser, Clive Swift, Ronald Lacey, Hugh Walters, Michael Gwynn, Marianne Stone
Donald Morley, Michael Blakemore, Julian Holloway, Edgar Harrison, John Jones, Peter Nichols, Sheila Fearn, Susan Hanson, Roland Arblaster, Deborah Childs, Ronald Cunliffe.

A stuntman and a model cut out of an advertising shoot and disappear on a trip around the country. They stick together despite several disagreements and eventually find that the 'story' of their travels has been made a part of the advertising campaign that they had been so keen to escape from in the first place.    You Tube

What's New Pussycat? Clive Donner / Richard Talmage
Famous Artists Productions
Peter Sellers, Peter O'Toole, Romy Schneider, Paula Prentiss, Woody Allen, Ursula Andress
Eddra Gale, Katrin Schaake, Jess Hahn, Eléonore Hirt, Jean Parédès, Jacques Balutin
Howard Vernon, Sabine Sun, Michel Subor, Nicole Karen, Jacqueline Fogt, Daniel Emilfork
Robert Rollis, Tanya Lopert, Barbara Sommers, Annette Poivre, Richard Saint-Bris
Marion Conrad, Maggie Wright, Richard Burton, Louise Lasser.

A fashion editor is 'plagued' by beautiful girls - every woman he meets seems to fall in love with him. A problem arises as the characters check into the Chateau Chantelle hotel for the weekend not knowing of each other's presence. Title song was a hit for Tom Jones. You Tube

Primitive London Arnold L. Miller
Searchlight Films / Troubadour Films
David Gell, Bobby Chandler, Terry Dene, Vickie Gray, MacDonald Hobley, Beatrice Kotter
Billy J. Kramer, Ray Martine, Barry Cryer, Mick McManus, Emmett Hennessy

Swingin' London documentary style 81 minute culture film hampered by editing problems, with a brief appearance by Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas. David Gell is the talkative narrator, with incidental music by Basil Kirchin. Interviews with beatniks, mods and rockers give some insight into the style and social life of the swinging sixties. A baby is born, youths fashion shopping, a Turkish bath, a tattoo parlour, parties, and the making of a television commercial are seemingly randomly included.   You Tube

Joe Brown at Clapham Norman Prouting
British Transport Films

An 18-minute light-hearted history of Britain's railways, seen through old prints, photographs and rare pieces of archive film as well as modern material. The film was made originally for a national children's competition. Joe Brown, a former railwayman himself, gives a happy-go-lucky narration as he comperes his group while they play railway songs in the Museum of British Transport at Clapham. Featuring 'The Railway Song' written by Harry Dawson.    
You Tube

Sting Of Death William Grefe
Essen Productions Inc.
Joe Morrison, Valerie Hawkins, John Vella, Jack Nagle, Sandy Lee Kane, Deanna Lund
Lois Etelman, Blanche Devereaux, Doug Hobart, Judy Lee, Bob Stanton, Tony Gulliver
Ron Pinchbeck, John Castle, Barbara Paridon

Horror / Sci-fi movie set in the Florida everglades and featuring a strange, murderous jellyfish mutant. Only notable for a song by Neil Sedaka 'Do The Jellyfish'.     
You Tube

A Swingin' Summer Robert Sparr
National Talent Consultants
James Stacy, Lori Williams, William Wellman Jr., Quinn O'Hara, Martin West, Mary Mitchell
Raquel Welch, Allan Jones, Lili Kardell, Reno Carell, Buck Holland, Glenn Stensel
Richard Benedict, Robert Porter, Michael Blodgett, Mauree Garett, Gypsy Boots
Diane Bond, Robert Blair, The Righteous Brothers, Donnie Brooks, The Rip Chords
Sherry Nix, Gary Lewis & The Playboys, Darlene Hunter, The Dovells, Jody Miller

Musical pop movie. A film that gets away from the 'beach' fixation of the time - a story about a group of college friends, two guys and a girl who spend their summer trying to becoming concert promoters at a lakeside mountain resort, succeeding in bringing in some headline pop sounds. This film featured Raquel Welch in her first starring role.

Be My Guest Lance Comfort
Three Kings
David Hemmings, Steve Marriott, John Pike, Andrea Monet, Ivor Salter, Diana King
Avril Angers, Joyce Blair, David Healy, Tony Wager, David Lander, Robin Stewart
Monica Evans, Pamela Ann Davy, Douglas Ives, Kenny and the Wranglers, The Plebs
The Nashville Teens, The Zephyrs (as Slash Wildly and the Cut-Throats), Jerry Lee Lewis
The Niteshades

A British musical drama in which a young man's family takes over a guest house and he discovers a plot to mount a phony music competition. The film is notable for the appearance of Steve Marriott who started out as a child actor before giving up a promising acting career to help form successful rock groups Small Faces and Humble Pie; and for the appearance of Jerry Lee Lewis, at the peak of his career.    You Tube

The Monkey's Uncle Robert Stevenson
Walt Disney
Tommy Kirk, Annette Funicello, Leon Ames, Arthur O'Connell, Leon Tyler, Frank Faylen
Norman Grabowski, Cheryl Miller, Connie Gilchrist, Alan Hewitt, Gage Clarke, Mark Goddard
The Regents, The Beach Boys

The sequel to 'The Misadventures of Merlin Jones'. Midvale College is in danger of losing it's college football team as players have low grades. Merlin Jones and Stanley, an intelligent chimpanzee, use 'sleep learning' to help the players pass their exams.    You Tube

Help! Richard Lester
Walter Shenson Films / Subafilms
The Beatles: George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr; Leo McKern
Eleanor Bron, Victor Spinetti, Roy Kinnear, Patrick Cargill, John Bluthal, Alfie Bass
Warren Mitchell, Peter Copley, Bruce Lacey and a large, uncredited cast

Pop movie with a crazy story where Ringo finds himself the human sacrifice target of a cult and the band must try to protect him from it. Originally titled 'Eight Arms To Hold You'.   
You Tube

The Pleasure Girls Gerry O'Hara
Compton Films / Tekli British Productions
Francesca Annis, Anneke Wills, Tony Tanner, Ian McShane, Brian Cant, Suzanna Leigh
Colleen Fitzpatrick, Hal Hamilton, Rosemary Nicols, Klaus Kinski, Jonathan Hansen
Carol Cleveland, Yvonne Antrobus, Hugh Futcher, David Graham, David Cargill, Tony Doonan
Mark Eden, Kate Binchy, Peter Diamond, Pauline Chamberlain, Julian Holloway

A young girl arrives in London to pursue a modeling career, finding herself caught up in the 'Swinging '60s' scene and problems with flatmates and their boyfriends.             You Tube

Darling John Schlesinger
Joseph Janni Production / Vic Films / Appia Films Ltd.
Julie Christie, Laurence Harvey, Dirk Bogarde, José Luis de Vilallonga, Roland Curram
Basil Henson, Helen Lindsay, Carlo Palmucci, Alex Scott, Dante Posani, Umberto Raho
Marika Rivera, Ernest Walder, Brian Wilde, Pauline Yates, Peter Bayliss, Richard Bidlake
T.R. Bowen, Annette Carell, Jean Claudio, Georgina Cookson, James Cossins, Jane Downs

A look at Swinging Sixties middle-class culture love lives as a beautiful model sleeps her way to the top of the London fashion scene. Soundtrack by Johnny Dankworth.    You Tube

When The Boys Meet The Girls Alvin Ganzer
Four Leaf Productions
Connie Francis, Harve Presnell, Herman's Hermits, Louis Armstrong, Liberace, Fred Clark
Sam the Sham and The Pharaohs, Sue Ane Langdon, Frank Faylen, Joby Baker
Hortense Petra, Stanley Adams, Romo Vincent, Susan Holloway, Russell Collins
Pepper Davis, Tony Reese, Bill Quinn.

Pop musical in which a young heir tries to help a girl save her father's ranch from closing while trying to keep his past a secret, but a gold-digger relentlessly pursues him and his wealth.     You Tube

Billie Don Weis
Chrislaw Productions
Patty Duke, Jim Backus, Jane Greer, Warren Berlinger, Billy De Wolfe, Charles Lane
Dick Sargent, Susan Seaforth, Ted Bessell, Richard Deacon, Bobby Diamond, Michael Fox
Clive Clerk, Harlan Warde, Jean MacRae, Allan Grant, Georgia Simmons, Arline Anderson
Shirley J. Shawn, Layte Bowden, Matty Jordan, Maria Lennard, Brenda Howard, Craig Chudy.
American college culture based on the Broadway show 'Time Out For Ginger'. A tomboy (and singer) is put into the all-male track team and proceeds to beat the lot of them between singing engagements. You Tube

Up Jumped a Swagman Christopher Miles
Ivy Films
Frank Ifield, Annette Andre, Ronald Radd, Suzy Kendall, Richard Wattis, Donal Donnelly
Bryan Mosley, Martin Miller, Harvey Spencer, Carl Jaffe, Cyril Shaps, Frank Cox, Fred Cox
Joan Geary, William Mervyn, David Rendall, Ian Paterson, Paddy Joyce, Frank Franklin
Gerald Harper, Oliver MacGreevy, Anthony Gardner, Patricia Michael, Caron Gardner.
Coventry-born Frank Ifield plays a young Australian singer who moves to London in search of his big break. He tries to woo a top model, overlooking the beautiful publican's daughter who loves him and also gets tangled up with a gang of thieves.     You Tube

Beach Ball Lennie Weinrib
La Honda Services
Edd Byrnes, Chris Noel, Robert Logan, Aron Kincaid, Mikki Jamison, Don Edmonds
Brenda Benet, Gail Gilmore, James Wellman, Anna Lavele, Jack Bernardi, Dick Miller
Bill Sampson, Lee Krieger, John Hyden, The Supremes, The Four Seasons
The Righteous Brothers, The Hondells, The Walker Brothers, The Nashville Teens.
'Kookie' Edd Byrnes tries to get a music grant to buy instruments for his rock and roll group, The Wigglers but the finance committee spot the scam and refuse it. Doesn't matter in the end as The Wigglers play a Californian custom-car show in drag and win first prize. You Tube

The Knack . . . and How To Get It Richard Lester
Woodfall Film Productions
Rita Tushingham, Ray Brooks, Michael Crawford, Donal Donnelly, William Dexter
Charles Dyer, Margot Thomas, John Bluthal, Helen Lennox, Wensley Pithey, Edgar Wreford
Frank Sieman, Bruce Lacey, Pattie Boyd, George Chisholm, Peter Copley, Timothy Bateson
Dandy Nichols, Lucy Bartlett, Jane Birkin, Jacqueline Bisset, Hilda Campbell-Russell
Kenneth Farrington, Vincent Harding, Rose Hiller, Julian Holloway, Walter Horsbrugh
Samantha Juste, Richard Lester, Katharine Page, John Porter-Davison, Charlotte Rampling
Lucille Soong, Gerald Toomey, Wanda Ventham, Charles Wood
Some interesting names in this one - many uncredited. A swinging London youth culture comedy. An innocent young man, unlucky with women, takes lessons in romantic conquest from his charismatic roommate - then both face off in competition over a new girl on the block.   You Tube

Bunny Lake Is Missing Otto Preminger
Wheel Productions
Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea, Martita Hunt, Anna Massey, Clive Revill
Finlay Currie, Lucie Mannheim, The Zombies, Noel Coward, Adrienne Corri, Megs Jenkins
Delphi Lawrence, Jill Melford, Jane Evers, Suzanne Neve, Damaris Hayman, Lisa Peake
Kika Markham, Fred Emney, Ann Lancaster, Suky Appleby, Richard Wattis, David Oxley
John Sharp, Victor Maddern, Percy Herbert, Geoffrey Frederick, Norman Mitchell
Dan Jackson, Tim Brinton, Bill Maxim, Michael Wynne, Patrick Jordan, Otto Preminger,
John Forbes-Robertson, Oliver Reed.

Main line mystery movie, with an all-star cast, about the apparent disappearance of a schoolgirl. The film includes an appearance by good ol' St.Albans group The Zombies, who are Rod Argent, Paul Atkinson, Colin Blunstone, Hugh Grundy and Chris White.   
You Tube

Wild On The Beach (Beach House Party) (Frenesi A Go-Go) Maury Dexter
Lippert Productions Ltd.
Frankie Randall, Sherry Jackson, Jackie & Gayle, Larry Gust, Russ Bender, The Astronauts
Booth Colman, Cindy Malone, Justin Smith, Jerry Grayson, Marc Seaton, Robert Golden
Sonny & Cher, Sandy Nelson

Beach culture movie with music. A boy and a girl fight over a beach hut and problems arise when both boys and girls show up to live there. They end up falling in love, of course. Cher's screen debut.   You Tube

Daytona Beach Weekend Bob Welborn
Sixtieth Arts
Steve Harkins, Don Jackson, The Offbeets, Linda Poland, Joyce Pruitt, Rayna, Del Shannon
Sue Skeen, Houston and Dorsey, Carellen

A rather low budget version of a surf / drag / beach film with Del Shannon and other artists setting the beat for a 'wild' vacation weekend with no real plot. Del performs 'Runaway' and 'Stranger in Town'. Filmed in 16mm, the picture was blown up to 35 mm for distribution and is therefore quite grainy.

The Girls On The Beach William N. Witney
Levin Brothers
Noreen Corcoran, Martin West, Linda Marshall, Steven Rogers, Nancy Spry, Anna Capri
Aron Kincaid, Sheila Bromley, Lana Wood, Mary Mitchel, Gail Gilmore, Peter Brooks
Lori Saunders, The Crickets, The Beach Boys, Lesley Gore

The girls of Alpha Beta need to raise $10,000 in two weeks to save their sorority house and come up with money-making schemes to raise the funds. When three guys arrive, bragging that they know The Beatles, the girls plan a concert with the 'Fab Four' headlining. You Tube

Ballad In Blue (Blues For Lovers) Paul Henreid
Alsa Productions / Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
Ray Charles, Tom Bell, Mary Peach, Dawn Addams, Piers Bishop, Betty McDowall
Lucy Appleby, Joe Adams, Robert Lee Ross, Anne Padwick, Monika Henreid
Brendan Agnew, Vernon Hayden, Leo McCabe, The Raelettes

Drama film with Ray Charles playing himself in a story concerning a blind child who he attempts to help by financing the recovery of his eye-sight, but the family are afraid what might happen if something goes wrong. Lots of his hits in this movie.

Ski Party Alan Rafkin
Alta Vista Productions
Frankie Avalon, Dwayne Hickman, Deborah Walley, Yvonne Craig, Robert Q. Lewis
Bobbie Shaw Chance, Aron Kincaid, The Hondells, Steven Rogers, Patti Chandler
Michael Nader, Salli Sachse, John Boyer, Mikki Jamison, Mickey Dora, Mary Hughes
Bill Sampson, Luree Holmes, James Brown and The Famous Flames, Lesley Gore
Jo Collins, Semi Engl, Annette Funicello (uncredited).

American West Coast culture musical. 'It's where the HE's meet the SHE's on SKIS and there's only one way to get warm'. What is more or less the 'Beach Party' crowd go on a college skiing weekend.   You Tube

Winter A Go-Go Richard Benedict
Columbia Pictures Corporation
James Stacy, William Wellman Jr., Beverly Adams, John Anthony Hayes, Jill Donohue
Tom Nardini, Duke Hobbie, Julie Parrish, Buck Holland, Linda Rogers, Nancy Czar
Judy Parker, Bob Kanter, Walter Maslow, Peter Brinkman, H.T. Tsiang, Carey Foster
Arlene Charles, Cheryl Hurley, Cherie Foster, Joni Lyman, Paul Gleason
The Nooney Rickett Four, The Reflections.
American youth culture movie in the 'Ski-party' genre i.e. Beach Party with slightly more clothes on. A group of young people restore and operate a run-down ski lodge.   You Tube

Gonks Go Beat Robert Hartford-Davis
Titan Film Productions

Kenneth Connor, Terry Scott, Frank Thornton, Iain Gregory, Barbara Brown, Gary Cockrell
Reginald Beckwith, Jerry Desmonde, Arthur Mullard, Pamela Donald, Gillian French
Gabriella Lewis, Pamela Oswald, Anne Chapman, Sarah Martin, Jo Cook, Carlotta Barrow
Babs Lord, Caroline Symonds

8,225 ft   Eastman Colour   92minute movie.
Music by: Lulu and The Luvvers - 'Choc Ice', 'The Only One'; The Nashville Teens - 'Poor Boy'; Elaine and Derek - 'Broken Pieces'; The Graham Bond Organisation - 'Harmonica'; Alan David - 'Love Is A Dream'; The Long And The Short - 'Love Is A Funny Thing'; The Vacqueros - 'Battle Music'; The Trolls - 'Burn Up'; Ray Lewis and The Trekkers - 'As Young As You Are'; 8 Drummers - 'Drum Battle'; Iain Gregory - 'In Love With You Today'; Barbara Brown - 'Penny For Your Thoughts'; Studio Orchestra - 'Gonks Go Beat'; Iain Gregory, Barbara Brown and all the groups - 'Takes Two To Make Love'.

On hearing of a somewhat turbulent social situation on planet Earth, the 'Great Galaxian' summons a Metorian ambassador for a special mission to restore peace and friendship on this planet of unrest. To his horror, Galaxian finds that the only ambassador available for the task is Wilco Roger, a rather unorthodox character who sports a disgraceful record of incompetence.

Nevertheless, Wilco must achieve complete success in this duty or, by way of punishment, spend the rest of his days in exile on the dreaded planet Gonk!
Wilco ponders his fate and accepts the challenge along with a ban on the use of his supernatural powers (he can appear and exit in a puff of smoke), except in the case of extreme emergency. 

Arriving on Earth, Wilco soon realises the causes of unrest in the form of an all-out war between the two communities of Beatland and Balladisle, with music at the root of their mutual dislike.
Some play ballads, others play beat, but both sides insist that their music is tops!        >>>

A certain Mr. A&R who presides over an annual music contest between the beat groups of Beatland and the ballad singers of Balladisle has, in an effort to appease the two islands, declared the contest a draw for the past three years, but this has only succeeded in aggravating the situation.

Wilco Roger has, however, thought of a better idea to bring unity and tolerance to the two rival lands and decides to take a leaf from the works of William Shakespeare in the form of a Romeo and Juliet plot involving Steve, a prominent Beatlander, and Helen, the daughter of Balladisle's Prime Minister!

Finally resorting to his supernatural powers, Wilco manoeuvres a successful and happy ending to his desperate efforts, but not before he experiences a hectic 'battle of music' and hears a host of rousing musical numbers from the two most 'with it' groups and singers ever to inhabit planet Earth.

You Tube clip

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